Top 20 Movies 2021

Top 20 Movies 2021: Navigating the Pandemic Challenges in the Global Film Industry.

While the global film industry has been severely disrupted by the covid pandemic, everyone is now paying close attention to vaccination statistics as countries that have received vaccinations have started to open up more widely. Still, it’s nearly a given that things in India won’t return to their pre-pandemic state for another year or so.

Unfortunately, this means that major Bollywood projects are always getting pushed back; films like Gangubai Kathiawadi, which could make a lot of money if they were released in theaters, are currently on the back burner. That doesn’t mean, however, that Bollywood is dead; as theaters gradually reopen, the majority of films have opted to stream exclusively on the internet. These are the top 20 Bollywood films of 2021. As you can see, there were less films available this year than ever before, but the ones we have selected certainly merit your time and attention.

Here is the list of Top 20 Movies 2021

Top 20 Movies 2021

1. Kaagaz

Bharat Lal is horrified to learn that he has been formally pronounced dead when he applies for a loan. Evidently, one of his own bought a death certificate from a government official so that he might receive a little plot of property that legitimately belongs to Bharat Lal. So begins Bharat Lal’s battle to get the Indian bureaucracy to pay attention to his problems. Kaagaz, which has Pankaj Tripathi in the lead role and is based on a true story, is unquestionably one of the best Bollywood films of 2021 to yet.

Top 20 Movies 2021

2. 99 Songs

The legendary figure in Indian music also wrote the lyrics for 99 songs, A.R. Rahman’s debut production. The film centers on a singer-songwriter who has been given the impossible task of penning 99 songs before he may wed the woman of his dreams. The film received high marks for its actors and soundtrack, despite having a tone that is noticeably distinct from most other Bollywood productions.

Top 20 Movies 2021

3. Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor play two fugitives on the run as a result of unanticipated circumstances in this dark comedy directed by master filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee. While Arjun Kapoor’s character follows a more direct route, Parineeti shines in the film as the unwaveringly self-made woman. The film is worth seeing even with conflicting reviews; if you like it, it won’t let you down.

Top 20 Movies 2021

4. Ramprasad ki Tehrvi

The entire family congregates under one roof to attend Ramprasad’s final rites over the next thirteen days following his death, as he was the family patriarch. Each character embarks on a personal journey throughout this period, arguing and growing closer over shared experiences and family politics. The film, which has an amazing cast and was directed by Seema Pahwa, is a treat and is based on her play, Pind Daan.

Top 20 Movies 2021

5. Tribhanga

Tribhanga, which is directed by Renuka Sahane, centers on three very different women who are from different generations of the same family. The eldest of the three, Tanvi Azmi portrays Nayantara, a renowned writer with tense relations to her daughter. Kajol portrays Anuradha, her quirky daughter, a dancer and actress from Bollywood. Masha, played by Mithila Palkar, is the daughter of Anuradha. She has a much more stable personality than her mother and grandmother, is expecting her first kid, and wants nothing more from life than to be happy at home. Following Nayantara’s unexpected brain stroke, the three ladies are forced to reevaluate their relationships.

6. Ajeeb Daastaans

Although there were differing opinions about Netflix’s original anthology film Ajeeb Daastaans, everyone agreed that Neeraj Ghaywan’s Geeli Pucchi was heartwarming. With the skill with which Ghaywan handles his subject matter, it is difficult to believe that he has only made one full-length feature picture. Despite their inequalities in caste and class, Konkona Sen Sharma and Aditi Rao Hyadri portray two queer women who fall in love. Shefali Shah and Manav Kaul in Kayoze Irani’s Ankahi are a captivating duo that possesses remarkable on-screen chemistry.

7. The White Tiger

The White Tiger, one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, was also one of the earliest. It was based on Aravind Adiga’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel of the same name. Though Rajkummar Rao’s American accent may make you cringe, Priyanka Chopra and Rajkummar Rao do a good job as supporting actors. However, Adarsh Gaurav’s fresh face emerges as the clear winner of the film.

Adarsh, who plays the sly and resentful driver Balram, manages to give his performance a level of sincerity that is surprising for such a young actor. The film chronicles a violent class conflict through the eyes of an aspirational servant who, after being denied what he deserves, is forced to take it from his master. The White Tiger is without a doubt among the greatest Bollywood films of 2021.

8. Nail Polish

The crime thriller Nail Polish, which came out earlier this year, was surprisingly captivating to watch. Nail Polish, which stars Manav Kaul and Arjun Rampal in the key roles, is a well-rounded mystery film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Manav Kaul has shown throughout the years to be a valuable addition to any project in which he has starred, and it’s about time he gets the credit he deserves. Naturally, Kaul wins Nail Polish after giving an outstanding effort. Aside from a few missteps here and there, the rest of the ensemble also performs a great job, making Nail Polish one of the best films of 2021.

9. Pagglait

The opening scenario of Pagglait is the same as that of Ramprasad ki Tehrvi, with the exception that a much younger guy has passed away. The film centers on Sandhya, a young woman whose husband of five months and his parents’ only child, Astik, had both passed away unexpectedly. While Sandhya is finding it difficult to feel anything for her distant husband, Astik, the family learns that Astik left behind a Rs 50 lakh insurance claim, of which Sandhya is the only nominee. The rest of the extended family steps down in order to improve their own lot in life, even as Astik’s parents grieve. With a cast this amazing, Pagglait is a 2021 film you won’t want to miss.

10. Saina

Saina, starring Amole Gupte, may have given the impression in the trailer that it would be just another forgettable Parineeti film, but fans were in for a surprise when they saw how really wholesome the film turned out to be. The film, which centers on the life of professional badminton player Saina Nehwal, highlights the common challenges faced by any athlete who achieves success. Although Parineeti’s makeup may use some improvement, she does a fantastic job as Saina, and the rest of the cast really enhances the film.

11. Shershaah

Shershaah, which stars Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani in the key roles, is arguably the most beloved film of 2021. The film tells the narrative of Captain Vikram Batra, an Indian soldier who fought valiantly but was killed in the Kargil war.

12. Sardar Udham

Sardar Udham, starring Vicky Kaushal in the title role, tells the tale of Udham Singh, an Indian revolutionary fighter who shot and murdered Michael O’ Dwyer, the man behind the 1919 slaughter at Jallianwalah Bagh in Amritsar.

13. Mimi

An Indian woman’s world is turned upside down when she accepts to be a surrogate for an American couple in exchange for financial support since the pair abruptly decides not to adopt the child. Mimi, a Bollywood film starring Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi, featured one of the most unusual stories of the year.

14. Haseen Dillruba

Rani is a vibrant woman who is married to Rishu, a modest engineer. Because of the tension in their marriage, she is named as the primary suspect in the murder trial when her spouse detonates an explosive device at her home. Through flashbacks, Rani remembers the events leading up to that.

15. Sherni

A forest officer named Vidya is entrusted with keeping a man-eating tigress in check when she escapes from captivity in a rural village. Among the greatest Bollywood films of 2021, the film, which stars Vidya Balan in the lead role, delivers a powerful statement.

16. Thalaivi

After the extraordinary tale of the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jaylalithaa, Thalaivi takes us back to the early years of the political icon’s life.

17. Bell Bottom

To free 210 hostages from a similar abduction, the Indian government recruits an agent following a string of airline hijackings in the 1980s that only resulted in the government caving in to terrorist demands.

18. Roohi

It’s common in Bagadpur for the person who wants to marry a girl to abduct her without her consent. After being taken hostage by a demon, Roohi is unexpectedly possessed by Bhawra Pandey and Kattani Qureshi on behalf of their lord.

19. Bob Biswas

The movie is a spin-off centered around the brutal contract killer Bob Biswas. It picks up eight years after Bob’s coma and assumes he has no memory of his past life.

20. Dhamaka

After a terrorist contacts him and threatens him on television, a struggling anchor is given a wealthy chance to profit from a horrific incident. Still, he has to make a conscience-checking concession in the process.

Our ranking of the top Bollywood films of 2021: did you enjoy it? This year, what was your favorite movie to watch and why? Please let us know what you think by posting a comment below!

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