Tiger 3 Movie Review  : SALMANIA Unleashed! 

Explore the world of action in Tiger 3, where Salman Khan takes center stage as Tiger, on a mission to save his family. 

Intricate Espionage Plot 

Tiger's journey begins as he embarks on a dangerous mission unraveling a betrayal, and a looming threat from Pakistan. 

Stellar Storytelling 

Aditya Chopra crafts a promising narrative, though Shridhar Raghavan's screenplay falls into occasional unimaginative territories. 

Maneesh Sharma's Directorial Finesse 

Maneesh Sharma handles the grand scale like a pro, memorable scenes like Tiger's entry and the suspenseful moments with Zoya. 

Mixed Directional Bag 

the film stumbles with incoherent scenes and action that feels 'been-there-done-that.' 

Salman Khan's Powerplay 

Salman Khan excels, underplaying his role while dominating action scenes creating memorable moments for fans. 

Katrina Kaif Shines 

Katrina Kaif impresses with standout scenes in the hamam and bunker, while the supporting cast adds depth 

Musical Notes 

Pritam's music, though not groundbreaking, provides catchy tunes, with 'Leke Prabhu Ka Naam' and 'Ruaan' 

Cinematic Brilliance 

Anay Om Goswamy's cinematography captures the global locales spectacularly, complemented by Mayur Sharma's appealing production design. 

Final Verdict 

Tiger 3, with its seeti-maar moments and star-studded cast, emerges as a predictable yet entertaining blockbuster