Bhumi Pednekar's Eco-Warrior Mission 

Bhumi Pednekar launches 'The Bhumi Foundation' to protect the environment, a step toward positive change. 

Climate Warrior's Vision 

Bhumi shares her passion for the environment, driving her through 'Climate Warrior'. 

Unveiling the Platform 

'The Bhumi Foundation' website is unveiled, a national advocacy platform targeting climate issues.

Mission and Initiatives 

The foundation funds climate projects, produces podcasts, supports events, and invests in eco-startups.

Bhumi's Enthusiasm 

Bhumi expresses her joy launching the foundation, aiming to empower individuals for environmental change. 

Inviting Collaboration 

Bhumi invites everyone to unite in protecting the Earth, emphasizing collective efforts.

National Advocate Role 

Bhumi's role as the Advocate for  Development Goals for UNDP India amplifies her environmental impact. 

Protecting the Himalayas 

Bhumi's commitment being the Goodwill Ambassador for 'Healing Himalayas,' dedicated to preserving this vital ecosystem. 

Creating Sustainability 

Bhumi's vision uniting an army of conservationists, forging world through environmental advocacy. 

Join the Movement 

Engage with 'The Bhumi Foundation,' support climate, and be part of the movement to conserve Earth for a sustainable future.