Plot Overview 

After partition, Ashok Bhatia and son Arjun endure Delhi's refugee camp. Grown-up Arjun faces challenges, working for Jagan Seth. 

Cinematic Adaptation 

The series explores ambition, rivalry, and love amidst chaos with compelling characters and intriguing settings.

Director's Vision 

Luthria and Varma capture 1962 Delhi's essence with unique direction. 

Complex Characters 

Arjun, played by Tahir Raj Bhasin, navigates power struggles. Anupria Goenka's Shankari Devi brings style to the series. 

Memorable Moments 

Intense moments like Russian roulette and daring heists add gripping suspense.

Musical Highlights 

Feel the retro vibe with 'Tra La La La' and Mouni Roy's charm. '70s-inspired background score enriches the storyline. 

Production Excellence 

Vishnu Rao's cinematography captures the bygone era, while Jia Bhagia and Mallika Chauhan's costumes add visual allure. 

Notable Performances 

Tahir Raj Bhasin as Arjun deliver compelling performances, enriching the series. 

Final Verdict 

Sultan Of Delhi, a captivating series with great performances and period setting, despite minor script issues, is a worthwhile watch. 

Viewer Experience 

Dive into the gripping saga of ambition, power, and survival in post-partition Delhi. Sultan Of Delhi delivers a riveting clash of wills on screen.