Sonu Sood's Ambitious Project

Sonu Sood takes on the roles of lead actor and director in his upcoming film, Fateh, shedding light on cybercrimes plaguing the country. 

Real-Life Inspiration 

Fateh draws inspiration from real-life incidents, aiming to entertain while highlighting the prevalence of cyber threats in today's digital age. 

Sonu Sood's Directorial Debut 

Apart from acting, Sood directs and produces Fateh, diving into unique shooting sites and working with Hollywood stunt master Lee Whittaker. 

Social Media Buzz 

Sonu Sood shares behind-the-scenes photos and discusses the film's subject on his social media, expressing that Fateh is a special tribute 

A Personal Endeavor 

Sonu Sood finds personal significance in Fateh, a film that goes beyond traditional filmmaking to become a moving tribute to cybercrime victims. 

Extensive Efforts 

Sood invests immense attention and effort, conducting extensive research by engaging with fans to understand their experiences 

Co-Produced by Zee Studios 

Fateh is co-produced by Zee Studios and Sonu Sood's production company, Shakti Sagar Productions, ensuring a high-quality production. 

Hollywood Collaboration 

Collaborating with Hollywood stunt coordinator Lee Whittaker, Fateh promises international-level action sequences 

Stellar Cast 

Jacqueline Fernandez has a pivotal role in Fateh, contributing to the film's star-studded cast and overall beauty. 

Anticipated Release 

This year, Fateh, a comedy-serious movie on cyberthreats and the value of security protocols, will hit theaters.