Sonam Kapoor: The Epitome of Elegance 

Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood icon, wowed at the 2023 BoF 500 Gala, solidifying her fashion legend status. 

A Legacy of Style 

From her debut, Sonam Kapoor's style captivates fans worldwide, be it on the red carpet or on exotic holidays. 

The All-White Marvel 

Sonam Kapoor stunned in a white Valentino dress at BoF 500 Gala. Ethereal silhouette, orange accents, pure elegance. 

Redefining Risqué with Grace 

Sonam Kapoor masters daring fashion with grace, blending boldness and sophistication seamlessly at the gala. 

Dazzling in Details 

Sonam's unmatched attention to detail: 6-inch ombre ruby earrings, adding dazzle to her captivating look. 

Beauty in Simplicity 

Sonam Kapoor's makeup: simplicity enhancing natural beauty. Nude lips, blush, winged eyeliner - effortless charm. 

Crowning Glory 

Sonam's waist-length wavy hair, worn loose, added softness and femininity, enhancing her graceful aura. 

Beyond the Spotlight 

Sonam Kapoor: A global role model championing inclusivity, diversity, and sustainable fashion in the industry. 

Empowering Women 

Kapoor: Global Inspiration, Breaking Stereotypes, Empowering Women. 

A Timeless Icon 

Sonam Kapoor: A timeless icon, empowering change and inspiring generations.