Breaking the Silence 

After 4 years, Rhea Chakraborty courageously shares her experiences and confronts media trials. 

Defying Societal Norms 

Rhea's Message: It's about challenging societal conditioning, not just her image. 

Responding to Hate 

Rhea's Powerful Response to Trolls: "I Love You Too." 

Embracing Vulnerability 

Vulnerability as Strength: Rhea's Tears and Triumph. 

Avoiding the Drug Debate 

Rhea's Firm Stand: "I Don't Want to Talk About Drugs, NCB, or CBI." 

A Personal Loss

No Closure but a Changed Perspective: Rhea's Journey. 

The Superpower of Vulnerability 

Rhea's Message to All: Vulnerability is Your Superpower. 

Beyond the Controversy 

Let's Talk About Mental Health: Rhea's Path to Resilience.

Rhea's Next Chapter

Rhea Chakraborty: Now a Gang Leader on "Roadies: Karam ya Kaand." 

Empowering Others 

Rhea's Call to Action: Empowering Women and Men to Embrace Their Vulnerability and Strength. Together, Let's Rewrite the Narrative.