Red Chillies Takes Action Against Jawan Piracy 

Rising popularity of Jawan sparks piracy concerns; Red Chillies fights back.

Strict Measures Against Piracy 

Red Chillies hires anti-piracy agencies to combat clip sharing and illegal uploads on platforms like WhatsApp. 

Legal Pursuit of Pirates 

Production house initiates legal actions against individuals and groups involved in piracy, filing a police complaint. 

Police Complaint Filed 

Red Chillies files a police complaint against piracy culprits, seeking justice for intellectual property theft. 

Crackdown on Pirated Accounts 

Pirated accounts across platforms are being tracked down, leading to criminal and civil actions against the culprits. 

Piracy Undermines Hard Work 

Piracy undermines the efforts of thousands in the film industry and amounts to cheating, theft, and intellectual property violation. 

Unlawful Content Distribution 

The nature of pirated content suggests unlawful access and theft, with a criminal conspiracy by the accused. 

Monetary Gains from Piracy 

Pirates distribute stolen content for profit, prompting legal actions against individuals and groups involved. 

Upholding Intellectual Property 

Red Chillies remains committed to protecting intellectual property and fighting piracy's negative impact on the industry. 

Anti-Piracy Battle Continues 

The battle against piracy continues as Red Chillies takes a stand to safeguard creative work in the film industry.