Popular Indian Actress Rashmika Mandanna  Falls Victim to Deepfake Cybercrime 

Rashmika's Response 

Actress Expresses Her Concerns on X (formerly Twitter)Rashmika shares her thoughts on the disturbing deepfake video. 

Importance of Community Action 

The actress stressed the need for collective efforts, highlighting the vulnerability of individuals, especially young students, to identity theft. 

Support from Well-Wishers 

Rashmika expressed her gratitude for her family, friends, and well-wishers who serve as her protection and support system. 

Bollywood's Response 

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan joined the conversation, urging legal action against the perpetrators.  

Identity of Original Video 

Observant internet users revealed that the original video featured Zara Patel, a British Indian with a significant social media following. 

Rashmika's Upcoming Project 

Rashmika remains focused on her work as she is gearing up for her next film, "Animal," where she stars alongside Ranbir Kapoor. 

Animal Movie Details 

"Animal" is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. Alongside Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol. 

The Fight Against Deepfakes 

Rashmika's incident sheds light on the importance of raising awareness about deepfake technology. 

Empowering the Community 

Rashmika Mandanna's brave response to the deepfake incident highlights the urgent need for community action and awareness.