Parineeti's Heartfelt Birthday Note 

Actress pens a touching message to husband Raghav Chadha 

Celebrating Raghav's 35th Birthday 

Parineeti Chopra shares an intimate birthday wish on social media, giving us a glimpse into their special moments. 

The Birthday Note 

Parineeti expresses her deep love for Raghav, calling him the best gift from God. 

Capturing Moments 

Candid shots of the couple engrossed in a cricket match and playfully featuring just their legs showcase the couple's fun.

Endearing Embrace 

A particularly endearing photo captures Parineeti holding Raghav by the waist, symbolizing the closeness and affection in their bond. 

Heartfelt Appreciation 

Parineeti's note appreciates Raghav's intelligence, values, honesty, and commitment to family, making her want to be a better human being. 

Birthday Bliss 

Parineeti's favorite day as it's the day Raghav was born. The note ends with a warm "Happy birthday, husband! Thank you for choosing me back..." 

The Grand Wedding 

Recalling their grand Udaipur wedding ceremony , the couple has become a celebrated pair in both Bollywood and politics. 

Abundance of Wishes 

Parineeti and Raghav receive an abundance of best wishes and congratulations from fans and admirers. 

A Love Story Unveiled 

Parineeti and Raghav's long-time friendship blossomed into a love story that began at the London School of Economics.