Parineeti Chopra's Maldives Getaway

Parineeti Chopra's recent vacation sparks rumors of a honeymoon, but she clarifies it's a #GirlsTrip. 

Lakme Fashion Week Appearance 

Parineeti stuns at Lakme Fashion Week, retaining traditional accessories, leaving fans in awe. 

Instagram Clarification 

Parineeti takes to Instagram, dispelling honeymoon rumors, asserting it's a girls' trip. 

Parineeti's Marriage to Raghav Chadha 

Recap: Parineeti and Raghav Chadha tied the knot in a lavish Udaipur ceremony on September 24. 

Wedding Festivities Highlights 

The couple shared glimpses of their wedding ceremonies, expressing their love for each other. 

Parineeti's Traditional Avatar 

Parineeti wows in traditional attire, sporting sindoor and chooda at Lakme Fashion Week. 

Speculation Over Travel Partner 

Mystery on Parineeti's travel companion. Fans speculate if Priyanka Chopra Jonas joined the trip. 

#GirlsTrip Fun 

Parineeti's Maldives escapade remains shrouded in mystery. The adventure unfolds on her #GirlsTrip. 

Parineeti's Post-Wedding Life 

Post-wedding, Parineeti balances work and leisure, showcasing her zest for life. 

Parineeti's Adventure Continues 

Stay tuned for more updates from Parineeti's tropical #GirlsTrip, where fun and sun await!