Naseeruddin Shah on Controversial Films 

The veteran actor criticizes popular films like The Kashmir Files and Gadar 2. 

Disturbing Popularity 

Shah expresses concern over the massive popularity of what he calls "jingoistic" and "divisive" films. 

The Jingoism Trend 

Naseeruddin Shah points out the rising trend of promoting nationalism aggressively in films. 

Imaginary Enemies 

He criticizes the creation of imaginary enemies in cinema and its harmful consequences. 

Support for Truthful Filmmaking 

Shah stands by filmmakers like Sudhir Mishra, Anubhav Sinha, and Hansal Mehta who portray the truth in their films. 

Filmmakers' Responsibility 

Naseeruddin Shah believes that these filmmakers will be responsible for posterity and portray the reality of our times. 

Film as a Reflective Medium 

Shah emphasizes that film is a powerful medium to capture and reflect the truth of our world. 

The Danger of Regressiveness 

He warns against the regressive trend of films promoting harmful narratives and stereotypes. 

Shah's Directorial Venture 

Naseeruddin Shah's directorial short film, "Man Woman Man Woman," garners attention on the professional front. 

Conclusion: A Dangerous Trend 

Shah concludes by highlighting the danger of filmmakers promoting negative narratives and its consequences.