Michael Peña reflects on his role in "A Million Miles Away."

Michael Peña's Astronomical Journey 

Celebrated actor Michael Peña is known for his remarkable versatility in Hollywood. 

A Stellar Hollywood Career 

Peña captivated audiences in Amazon Original's "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" alongside John Krasinski. 

Previous Triumph in Jack Ryan 

Peña opens up about his upcoming Amazon Original Film. 

A Million Miles Away 

Peña draws parallels between his life and his character in the film. 

Parallel Stories 

Producer Mark Ciardi knew Michael Peña was the perfect fit for the role. 

Ideal Casting Choice 

Peña's portrayal surprised filmmakers with its depth and authenticity. 

Unexpected Depth 

Director Márquez Abella commends Peña's charismatic and powerful performance. 

Director's Praise 

The film, based on José Hernández's book, boasts a stellar cast including Michael Peña and Rosa Salazar. 

Reaching for the Stars 

"A Million Miles Away" promises to be a captivating journey of dreams and determination. 

A Celestial Tale