Meet Manushi Chhillar 

Reigning Miss World, Manushi Chhillar, captures hearts with beauty and intelligence. 

A Fashion Trendsetter 

Manushi's style choices inspire countless individuals to embrace their unique fashion sense. 

Elegance & Sophistication 

Manushi's fashion exudes elegance and sophistication, making her a true fashion icon. 

Red Carpet Royalty 

Whether on the red carpet or in her daily life, Manushi always makes a fashion statement. 

Timeless Fashion 

Her knack for choosing timeless outfits showcases her impeccable taste. 

The Sparkling Black Gown 

Manushi stuns in a black gown with silver glitter accents and a chic diamond necklace. 

Glamorous Makeup 

Her glamorous look features sparkly eyeshadow, delicate eyeliner, mascara, and brown lip gloss. 

Elegant Hairdo 

Manushi completes her look with a stylish bun that frames her face beautifully. 

Upcoming Project

Manushi Chhillar's next project, 'The Great Indian Family,' releases on September 22 in theaters. 

Fashion Credits 

Manushi Chhillar's stunning look: – Actress: Manushi Chhillar – Outfit: Gretelz Milano – Stylist: Sheefa Gillani