A New Drama Unfolds! 

Meet Manasvi Mamgai, the former Miss India and talented actress, who's set to stir up the drama in Bigg Boss 17

Bold Personality 

Bold roles in films and web series: Manasvi brings fearless charisma to Bigg Boss. 

Highly Anticipated Contestant

Fans eagerly anticipate Manasvi's arrival, expecting entertainment, drama, and surprises! 

Exclusive Interview Insights 

 Manasvi hints at her dynamic Bigg Boss presence, discussing her  unconventional roles 

Unconventional Choices 

Manasvi's bold career choices define her. Ready for risks, she stands strong as a Bigg Boss contender. 

Passion for Acting 

Acting fuels Manasvi's passion. Dedication drives her comeback journey in theatre, movies, and web series. 

Exciting Comeback 

Fresh from 'The Trial,' Manasvi gears up to captivate on Bigg Boss, her latest talent showcase. 

Anticipating the Drama 

Anticipate drama, laughter, and emotions! Get ready for an exciting Bigg Boss journey with Manasvi! 

Bigg Boss 17 Premiere 

Countdown to Bigg Boss 17! Premiere this October for an entertainment rollercoaster with Manasvi Mamgai! 

The Unpredictable Journey 

Bigg Boss journey: Expect surprises, challenges, and unforgettable moments. Brace for a wild ride with Manasvi Mamgai!