National Award Triumph 

Kriti Sanon wins the National Award for her outstanding performance in Mimi.

Praise for Exceptional Talent 

Kriti's portrayal of Mimi, a surrogate mother, earns her accolades from fans, fellow actors, and directors. 

Fashion Sense Reimagined 

Kriti's fashion sense steals the spotlight: Manish Malhotra creation, a dual-toned saree with pink and blue stripes, and golden embroidery. 

Elegant Accessories 

The actress pairs her attire with oversized gold earrings, pearl-studded juttis, and a white flower gajra. 

Makeup Mastery 

Kriti's makeup, featuring nude eyeshadow, winged liner, mascaraed lashes, contoured cheeks, and nude lips, adds to her elegant charm. 

Hairstyle Elegance 

Kriti's lush locks are styled into a neat bun adorned with a white flower gajra, adding a touch of traditional charm.

Stylist's Magic 

Sukriti Grover, Kriti's stylist, reveals the inspiration, highlighting Kriti's ability to carry any look with ease and poise. 

Industry Applause 

Celebrities and fans shower Kriti with praise on social media, celebrating her talent, fashion choices, and the impactful roles.

Kriti Sanon: A Trailblazer 

Kriti Sanon stands tall as a beacon of talent and style, captivating hearts both on and off the screen.

Kriti's Inspiring Journey 

Kriti Sanon inspires with her roles and fashion, proving talent and style have no limits.