Kriti Sanon: Bollywood's Fashion Icon 

Step into the World of Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff Shin Action Thriller, Ganpath. 

From Newcomer to Icon: Kriti Sanon's Journey in Bollywood and Her Emergence as a Style Sensation. 

Classic and Contemporary: Kriti's Stunning Choice of a Black Leather Midi Dress by Alexander McQueen.

Kriti's Impeccable Style: A Dress Paired with Minimal Accessories and Flawless Makeup. 

Fashion as Freedom: How Kriti Uses Style to Express Her Unique Personality and Confidence. 

 Kriti's Collaboration with Stylist Sukriti Grover, Makeup Artists Aasif Ahmed & Kavyesh Sharma. 

Inspiration Personified: How Kriti Sanon Inspires Fans and Aspiring Actors with Her Grace and Confidence. 

Fans Await Kriti's On-Screen Magic in Ganpath, Set to Hit Theatres on October 20. 

Kriti Sanon Continues to Illuminate Bollywood with her Talent, Confidence, and Timeless Fashion Sense.