Kolkata court takes action against Zareen Khan in a 2018 cheating case. 

Legal Trouble for Actress Zareen Khan 

Complaint filed by Durga Pooja pandal organizers against Zareen Khan for cheating in 2018. 

Organizers File Complaint 

Zareen Khan fails to attend court summons, leading to the issuance of an arrest warrant. 

Actress Fails to Appear 

Zareen Khan claims unawareness of the court order and states her lawyer is handling the matter. 

Khan's Response 

Zareen Khan refrains from commenting further on the case, deferring to her PR. 

Actress Refrains from Commenting 

The case traces back to Zareen Khan's non-attendance at a 2018 Durga Pooja event in Kolkata, leading to a fraud and cheating complaint. 

Background of the Case 

Zareen Khan's claims of false representation by event organizers and accusations of mismanagement. 

Khan's Defense 

Police conducted an investigation, resulting in the filing of charges against the actress and her manager. 

Police Investigation 

The legal battle continues as lawyer addresses the arrest warrant, while the actress denies wrongdoing. 

Ongoing Legal Saga 

Public reaction is mixed, with some support for the actress, others await further developments in the case. 

Public Reaction