Khushi Kapoor: A Rising Star at Paris Fashion Week 

Meet Khushi Kapoor, the fashion icon, and daughter of Bollywood legends, who left an indelible mark at the Dior show during Paris Fashion Week. 

A Fashion Sensation at Just 22 

At just 22, Khushi Kapoor has already become a trendsetter, redefining elegance in the fashion industry. 

A Star in the City of Fashion 

Khushi Kapoor shines at the heart of fashion, attending the Dior show during Paris Fashion Week. 

Unstoppable Gen-Z Diva 

Expected to make her acting debut soon, Khushi keeps her fashion game strong, captivating everyone at the Dior show. 

Dior from Head to Toe 

Khushi dazzles in Dior - a shimmering golden shirt paired with a matching full-length bodycon skirt, exuding sheer elegance. 

Hairstyle with a Distinctive Edge 

Khushi's sleek long ponytail with a central split adds a unique touch to her glamorous appearance. 

Finishing Touches of Luxury 

Completing her ensemble with a tiny Dior bag, a fashionable watch, golden shoes, and golden stud earrings. 

Makeup Mastery 

Khushi's glossy nude lips, glittery eyeshadow, mascara-coated eyelids, and expertly contoured cheekbones define her captivating look. 

The Look Details 

Actress: Khushi Kapoor – Outfit: Dior – Stylist: Nikhil Mansata – Makeup: Kendal Fedail – Hair: Bjorn Krischker

Khushi Kapoor: A Fashion Force 

AWith grace, style, and undeniable presence, Khushi Kapoor is leaving an indelible mark in the world of fashion, and her journey is only beginning.