The Epitome of Elegance in Pink

Explore Khushi Kapoor's latest pink ensemble as She dazzles as the brand ambassador for Sol De Janeiro.

All Pink Glamour 

Khushi Kapoor stuns in a pink silk wrap skirt, and stilettos. Her look radiates elegance, setting new fashion trends. 

Sol De Janeiro's Face 

Khushi Kapoor is the official face of Sol De Janeiro, a leading body care brand in India. Her charm makes her the perfect fit. 

Fashion Trailblazer 

From airport styles to Paris runways, Khushi Kapoor’s bold fashion choices have made her a trendsetter. 

Paris Fashion Spotlight 

Khushi Kapoor shines at the Dior event in Paris, sharing the stage with global icons. Her looks earn widespread acclaim. 

International Recognition 

Khushi Kapoor's journey from Bollywood to international fashion stages has been extraordinary. 

Setting Fashion Trends 

With each appearance, Khushi Kapoor captivates the world with her unique style and elegance.

The Promise of Beauty 

As Sol De Janeiro's brand ambassador, Khushi Kapoor promises to bring her exceptional style to the world of skincare.

Unveiling Beauty Secrets 

Explore Khushi Kapoor's skincare and beauty tips as she embarks on her journey with Sol De Janeiro.

Join the Fashion Journey 

Stay tuned for Khushi Kapoor's fashion and skincare insights. Follow her to redefine beauty standards.