Katrina Kaif Celebrates 4th Anniversary 

Kay Beauty marks its 4th anniversary with a stunning launch. 

New Beauty Products Unveiled 

Celebrating the occasion, Kay Beauty introduces Lip Tints and Lip Plumper. 

Lip Tints for Lasting Shine 

Discover Lip Tints that provide vibrant, glossy hues with long-lasting hydration. 

Perfect Application Every Time 

Highly pigmented Lip Tints come with a precision heart-shaped wand for flawless application.

Luscious Pout with Lip Plumper 

The Kay Beauty Lip Plumper offers a tingling sensation for a luscious, volumized pout. 

Elevate Your Lip Game 

Layer Lip Plumper with your favorite Lip Tint for irresistibly juicy lips. 

Katrina Kaif's Vision 

Co-founder Katrina Kaif aims to empower beauty enthusiasts with innovative products. 

Embrace Your Unique Beauty 

Kay Beauty encourages embracing unique beauty and style. 

Lip Tints and Plumper Ingredients 

Lip Tints contain Grape Seed Oil and Red Raspberry, while Lip Plumper boasts Pomegranate Seed Oil. 

Affordable and Ethical 

Priced at Rs. 899, these products are vegan, paraben-free, and mineral oil-free.