Karan Johar's Special Contribution 

Discover why Karan Johar is credited in Alizeh Agnihotri's debut film 'Farrey.' 

A Special Thanks 

In the opening credits of 'Farrey,' Alizeh Agnihotri extends a special thanks to Karan Johar. 

Behind-the-Scenes Connection 

Karan played a crucial role in putting the project together, although not directly involved in the film. 

Remaking Thai Film Bad Genius 

The decision to remake the Thai film 'Bad Genius' led the team to search for a director for 'Farrey.' 

Karan's Connection 

Karan Johar connected the team to director Soumendra Padhi for 'Farrey.' 

Director Soumendra Padhi 

Padhi, known for directing 'Budhia Singh: Born To Run,' took the helm of 'Farrey.' 

Budhia Singh's Success 

Padhi previously directed the acclaimed 'Budhia Singh: Born To Run,' depicting the incredible journey.

Budhia Singh's Remarkable Feat 

Budhia Singh, at the age of 5, accomplished running 48 marathons and covering 65 kms in 7 hours and 2 minutes. 

Karan's Connection to Alizeh's Family 

Incidentally, Karan Johar shares a close bond with Alizeh’s mom Alvira.

A Collaborative Journey 

The collaboration between Karan Johar, Soumendra Padhi, and the Agnihotri family brings 'Farrey' to life