Karan Johar Opens Up

On World Mental Health Day, Karan Johar shares his personal struggle with anxiety, shedding light on the importance of mental health awareness.

Johar's Candid Revelation 

Karan Johar reveals his first experience with anxiety in 2015-16, emphasizing the significance of addressing mental health issues 

Seeking Help and Support 

Johar got help from a psychologist, used meds, and lifestyle changes. He urges awareness and professional support for mental health. 

Recognizing Red Flags 

Johar stresses recognizing red flags, avoiding simple solutions. Education and professional help are vital. 

Supportive Families Matter 

Johar urges families to support seeking professional mental health help, emphasizing its importance alongside physical health. 

Raising Awareness 

Johar's disclosure inspires sharing, raising mental health awareness, fostering understanding and support. 

Breaking the Stigma 

Johar's openness breaks mental health stigma, inspiring others to seek help bravely and without hesitation. 

Johar's Impact 

Johar's post sparks social media discussions, promoting a compassionate approach to mental health challenges 

The Path to Healing 

Johar's story highlights seeking help, emphasizing mental health challenges are conquerable with support. 

Together We Stand 

In unity, sharing shows strength. Johar's bravery inspires understanding, acceptance, and healing together.