Get Ready for Tejas! 

Kangana Ranaut soars as Air Force pilot Tejas Gill in RSVP Movies' patriotic epic. Prepare for takeoff on October 27, 2023! 

Teaser Unveiled 

Gandhi Jayanti unveiled Tejas: A patriotic journey with Kangana Ranaut. Stunning visuals, electrifying score! 

Heart-Pounding Dialogue 

"Bharat ko chhedoge to chhodenge nahin." Tejas, the valiant Air Force pilot, defends the nation with unwavering determination! 

Action-Packed Adventure 

Tejas Gill's heroic journey reveals Air Force pilots' dedication. Get ready for action, patriotism, and unwavering courage! 

Filmmaking Brilliance 

Directed by Sarvesh Mewara and starring Kangana Ranaut, Tejas guarantees exceptional storytelling and cinematic brilliance. 

Inspirational Narrative 

Tejas inspires and fills every Indian heart with pride. Experience the unwavering spirit of Air Force pilots defending the nation. 

Countdown to Trailer 

Excitement peaks! Tejas' official trailer arrives on October 8, 2023. Dive into Tejas Gill's thrilling world with the Bharat Air Force. 

Proud Production

RSVP Movies presents Tejas: Cinematic excellence at its best. Be captivated by compelling storytelling and stellar performances. 

Save the Date! 

Buckle up! Tejas, featuring Kangana Ranaut, premieres nationwide on October 27, 2023. Feel the pride, action, and patriotism on the big screen! 

Audience Anticipation 

Join the buzz! Anticipation builds for Tejas. Share the excitement and witness Tejas Gill's heroic saga. Don't miss this cinematic experience! #TejasFilm