John Wick's Global Impact 

The iconic John Wick series, starring Keanu Reeves, has earned over $1 billion globally. 

New Prequel Series 

"The Continental: From the World of John Wick"  set to premiere on Prime Video worldwide on September 22. 

The Origins of The Continental 

Explore the backstory of the assassin's hotel through young Winston Scott's eyes in 1970s New York. 

Showrunner's Vision 

Showrunner Kirk Ward discusses the creation of this ambitious prequel and its unique approach. 

The Continental as a Character 

Ward highlights how The Continental becomes the central character in the prequel series. 

Unveiling Winston's Past 

Discover why Winston Scott's backstory was chosen to explore in depth, linking to John Wick's universe. 

Stellar Cast 

"The Continental" features Colin Woodell, Mel Gibson, Michelle Prada, and more in key roles. 

Exclusive Release 

The first part of the highly anticipated three-part mini-series debuts exclusively on Prime Video in India 

Multilingual Experience 

"The Continental" in English with Hindi dubs for a captivating viewing experience. 

Weekly Releases 

Subsequent episodes of "The Continental" will be released every Friday, promising an exciting journey into the John Wick universe.