Hina Khan Hospitalized for High Fever 

Popular actress Hina Khan shares health update on Instagram, revealing her battle with high-grade fever. 

Struggling Nights 

Hina shares photos from the hospital, stating her body temperature has ranged between 102-103 degrees for the last four days. 

Exhaustion Sets In 

I have had four terrible nights of high-grade fever. It won't come down. Uff, no energy left now. It’s sickening," writes the Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 actress. 

Request for Love 

Hina appeals to her followers for support, saying, "For all those who are worried, I will bounce back. Inshallah, send in your love please. 

Life Updates - Day 4

Hina shares a picture from the hospital bed, undergoing treatment, with a caption that reads, "Life updates Day 4. #onedayatatime. 

Past Hospitalization 

Recalling a previous hospitalization in October, Hina shared a mirror selfie without revealing the reason behind it.

Mirror Selfie Wisdom 

In the October post, Hina encouraged spreading love and happiness, regardless of one's state of mind, when finding a mirror. 

Unspecified Ailment 

Hina didn't disclose the reason for her October hospitalization, leaving fans curious about the nature of her health concerns. 

Professional Update 

On the professional front, the 36-year-old actress was recently seen in "Country Of Blind," set in the 1800s, depicting the life of a valley full of blind people. 

Country of Blind Cast 

Alongside Hina Khan, "Country of Blind" stars Anushka Sen, Shoib Nikash Shah, Namita Lal, Inamulhaq, Pradyuman Singh Mall, and Jitendra Rai, offering a unique cinematic experience.