Gen Z Divas Embrace 60s Vintage Fashion 

Young stars redefine classic styles, proving that vintage fashion is timeless. 

Khushi Kapoor's Retro Radiance 

Making her mark with The Archies, Khushi Kapoor wows in a chequered co-ord skirt set at a Dior event. 

Aditi Bhatia's 60s Charm 

Aditi effortlessly channels 60s vintage with a timeless check mini skirt, white cardigan, and chic black boots. 

Palak Tiwari's Velvet Vintage Glam 

Palak shines in a velvet vintage dress, showcasing playful sophistication with neat eyeliner and a classic bob. 

Shanaya Kapoor's Chic Statement 

Shanaya captivates as a modern muse, embracing the winter rink collection with vibrant outfits and stylish white sneakers. 

Khushi Kapoor's Signature Style 

Khushi's signature look, paired with a Lady Dior bag and loafers, proves she understands the retro-chic assignment well.

Aditi Bhatia's Retro Chic Crown 

Aditi sets a new standard for retro chic with a puffy crown hairstyle complementing her 60s-inspired ensemble. 

Palak Tiwari's Playful Sophistication 

In her vintage velvet dress, Palak perfectly embodies playful sophistication while blending nostalgia and modern flair. 

Shanaya Kapoor's Fashion Domination 

Shanaya establishes herself as a formidable force in the fashion realm, making a chic statement with her vibrant vintage vibes. 

Timeless Elegance of Gen Z Divas 

From Khushi to Aditi, Palak to Shanaya, these Gen Z divas breathe new life into 60s vintage fashion