"The Railway Men": Unveiling Unsung Heroe

Explore the gripping narrative of "The Railway Men," a shocking web series set against the tragic incident. 

Fateful Night: December 2, 1984

Imad Riaz (Babil Khan) embarks on a railway job, setting the stage for a tale of tragedy on the fateful night of December 2, 1984. 

Exposing Union Carbide

Imad's journey intertwines with journalist Jagmohan Kumawat (Sunny Hinduja) as they aim to expose the Union Carbide factory 

Heartbreaking Loss: Methyl Isocyanate (MIC)

Imad's personal connection to the factory's deadly chemical, Methyl Isocyanate (MIC), unfolds as he vows justice for his friend Mohammed Ansari. 

Chaos Unleashed: Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The series delves into the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, revealing the chaos that ensued and the heroic efforts of those who tried to save lives. 

Realism in Direction

Shiv Rawail's direction brings the tragic events to life, using graphics to illustrate train positions and provide a deeper understanding.

Performance Powerhouse

Kay Kay Menon steals the show with an incredible performance, while R Madhavan's late entry leaves a lasting impression.

Impactful Moment

Several scenes will leave viewers astonished, shedding light on lesser-known events surrounding the tragedy and the anti-Sikh riots angle. 

Award-Winning Craft

'The Railway Men' is adorned with award-winning performances, touching music ('Nindiya'), captivating background score 

Final Verdict

With a rating of 3.5 stars, 'The Railway Men' is a shocking and gripping web series, honoring the unsung heroes