Guru Randhawa's Global Ascent 

Indian sensation Guru Randhawa partners with CAA, embarking on a global journey. 

CAA: A Global Stage 

Joining illustrious figures like Priyanka Chopra, Guru Randhawa aims to conquer the international stage. 

From India to Worldwide Fame 

Guru Randhawa's remarkable career journey takes him from India to the global spotlight. 

Chart-Topping Success 

Guru's chart-toppers and billion-view hits like 'Lahore' establish him as a music star. 

Awards and Collaborations 

Notable awards and collaborations, including 'Slowly Slowly' with Pitbull, highlight Guru's success. 

A Multifaceted Talent 

Guru Randhawa's talents as a singer, songwriter, composer, and actor shine on the world stage. 

Representation in India 

Currently with Exceed Entertainment in India, Guru Randhawa gears up for global recognition. 

The Power of Music 

Guru Randhawa's music transcends borders, uniting global audiences with his melodious tunes. 

A New Chapter Begins 

Guru Randhawa's collaboration with CAA marks the beginning of an exciting global journey. 

Stay Tuned 

Stay tuned as Guru Randhawa's talent and music reach new heights on the international stage.