Alia Bhatt: Gucci's Global Ambassador 

Indian Superstar Shines at Milan Fashion Week! 

Milan Fashion Week Debut 

Alia Bhatt's Inaugural Appearance Leaves a Lasting Impression. 

Global Impact, Indian Charm 

Alia Contributes to Milan Fashion Week's $215 Million EMV! 

Top 10 Worldwide Contributor 

Karla Otto Data Reveals Alia's $3.8M EMV Contribution! 

Fashion Icons Unite

Alia Bhatt Stands Tall Among Global Influencers. 

Leading the Pack 

ENHYPEN, Win Metawin, Heart Evangelista: Alia Tops the Charts! 

A Captivating Carousel 

Alia's Top-Performing Post Garners $1.1M in Media Impact Value! 

Guccified Glamour

Alia Bhatt's Personal Style Shines at Milan Fashion Week. 

Cultural Milestone 

Alia's Influence: A Global Fashion Narrative. 

Style that Transcends Borders 

Alia Bhatt, Making Waves as Gucci's Ambassador! 

Celebrating Alia Bhatt's Impact on Global Fashion. A Gucci Journey Like No Other!