Meet the Protagonists

Meet Sky, Mahi, Uzma, and Manjari, four extraordinary women bikers on a transformative journey, pushing their boundaries. 

Sky's Quest

Fatima Sana Shaikh as Sky, a determined biking vlogger capturing the Barcelona Auto Expo's essence. 

Mahi's Dream 

Ratna Pathak Shah as Mahi, an elderly woman to conquer Khardung La Pass. Sky, inspired by Mahi, joins her on this remarkable adventure.

Uzma's Expertise 

Dia Mirza excels as Uzma, a skilled mechanic vital to the team. Her expertise underscores the power of female solidarity in the group. 

Manjari's Devotion 

Sanjana Sanghi is Manjari, a devout vegetarian concealing her biking adventure from traditional parents. Her dedication enrich the narrative's depth. 

Director's Vision 

Tarun Dudeja's direction weaves the characters' stories, capturing their unique essence. The film's captivating narrative keeps viewers engrossed. 

Musical Harmony 

Immerse in the mesmerizing melodies of 'Re Banjara' and 'Akhiyan Criminal' that shine brightly in the musical landscape. 

Visual Delights 

Explore Dhak Dhak's stunning visuals. Sreechith Vijayan Damodar's cinematography captures majestic mountains.

Unforgettable Moments 

From Sky's emotional outburst to the heartwarming reunion DHAK DHAK offers moments that heartstrings, leaving a lasting impression. 

Box Office Prospects 

Despite a weak second half, DHAK DHAK's genuine approach and strong performances promise a memorable  experience. 

Audience Verdict 

DHAK DHAK offers an emotional journey with its four women bikers. Experience their trials, and unwavering spirit on the big screen. 

Behind the Scenes 

Discover the dedication of DHAK DHAK's creators – filmmakers, actors, and crew. Experience the passion that brings this cinematic gem to life. 

The Legacy Continues 

DHAK DHAK is a tribute to women's strength and dreams. Its inspiring story paves the way on female empowerment. 

Flaws and Imperfections 

DHAK DHAK excels but has shallow plot points and rushed character development in the second half. Yet, its spirit remains intact. 

Don't Miss the Ride 

Join Sky, Mahi, Uzma, and Manjari in the exhilarating DHAK DHAK journey. Book your tickets now for this extraordinary adventure!