Ayushmann's Trendsetting Haircut

Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana's new look! 

The Power of Personal Grooming

Ayushmann's passion for experimenting with hairstyles.

Hair and Confidence

Ayushmann's belief in the impact of a good hairstyle on confidence.

A Lifelong Passion 

Ayushmann's love for styling his hair since his college days. 

Feedback from Fans 

How Ayushmann's fans contribute to his hairstyle choices via social media.

The Sharp Haircut Craze 

Fans' repeated requests for a short and sharp haircut. 

Social Media Buzz 

Ayushmann's social media inundated with comments after his latest hairstyle. 

Ayushmann's Latest Project 

Catch Ayushmann Khurrana in "Dream Girl 2," released on August 25, 2023. 

Keeping Up with the Trends 

How Ayushmann stays in touch with his fans' preferences. 

Ayushmann's Stylish Journey 

A glimpse into Ayushmann's evolving hairstyles and his dynamic career in Bollywood.