Ananya Panday: Youngest Jimmy Choo Ambassador 

Bollywood's Ananya Panday, at 24, creates history as the youngest Indian to represent global luxury brand, Jimmy Choo. 

Icon of Elegance 

Ananya joins global icons as Jimmy Choo's brand ambassador, epitomizing opulence and sophistication in the fashion world. 

Dreams Fulfilled 

Ananya expresses her joy, calling it a dream to represent Jimmy Choo, a brand synonymous with glamour and style. 

Ananya's Journey with Jimmy Choo 

A historic moment in fashion and entertainment, Ananya's collaboration highlights her rising star power and international appeal. 

Upcoming Ventures 

Ananya gears up for "Kho Gaye Hum Kahan," a cyber thriller, and her debut web series "Call Me Bae" on Amazon Prime Video. 

Versatile Actor 

In "Call Me Bae," Ananya portrays a scandal-hit fashionista, showcasing her acting versatility and depth. 

Jimmy Choo Legacy 

Explore Jimmy Choo's legacy of glamour, style, and exquisite craftsmanship, now embodied by Ananya Panday. 

Global Recognition 

Ananya Panday shines on the global stage, embodying Jimmy Choo's elegance, making her mark in fashion and cinema. 

Star on the Rise 

With Jimmy Choo, Ananya Panday stands tall, leaving an indelible mark, symbolizing talent, style, and international allure. 

Glamorous Future Ahead 

Celebrate Ananya Panday's journey into a glamorous future, epitomizing the perfect blend of talent, style, and global allure.