Alia Bhatt's Radiant Glow Secrets 

Discover the beauty secrets of the talented Alia Bhatt as she shares her 10-minute makeup routine for achieving a sun-kissed, glowy look 

Embracing Self-Care & Confidence 

Alia Bhatt, on  her flawless complexion and radiant glow, invites you into her daily skincare and makeup routines. 

"Child of Earth" Look Revealed! 

In her recent YouTube video, "Child of Earth Look," the new mother shares her makeup routine a natural glow even in just 10 minutes. 

Flawless Complexion Essentials 

Alia starts with Summer Friday's Skin Tint and Kiko primer, blending them to create a perfect base. She uses Kokas concealer to cover blemishes 

Mastering Eye Makeup 

Alia skillfully applies pink eyeshadow to define her eyes, elongates her lashes with Gucci Mascara, and uses Tower 28 Mascara for lower lids.

Brow Perfection Tips 

Alia's expert tip: use a spoolie brush to define brows naturally. She fills gaps with gentle strokes , creating beautifully sculpted brows.

The Glowing Finish 

Alia enhances her radiant glow by applying highlighter to high points of her face, focusing on cheekbones. 

Alia's Makeup Must-Haves 

Alia Bhatt's makeup products: Summer Friday's Skin Tint, Kiko primer, Kokas concealer, Glossier cheek color, Gucci Mascara, Tower 28 Mascara, and Revlon peachy lip shade. 

A Glimpse into Alia's YouTube Channel 

Follow Alia Bhatt's YouTube channel for more beauty tips and tricks. Learn from her guide to achieve a flawless and natural glow. 

Embrace Your Glow Journey 

With her expert advice and favorite products achieve a sun-kissed, glowy look is just a few steps away.