Adah Sharma opens up about her new short film, 'Kofuku,' part of the JioCinema Film Festival, a story of connection and new perspectives. 

Kofuku Synopsis 

Two different yet similar individuals find comfort in each other's company, discovering a fresh outlook on life in 'Kofuku. 

Adah's Script Selection 

Adah emphasizes her trust in instincts for script choices, a principle she'll always uphold, regardless of her projects' success. 

A Diverse Career 

Adah started with horror, but 'Kerala Story' opened new doors for diverse roles, reflecting her potential and versatility. 

Upcoming Project Tease 

Adah hints at her next project, completely distinct from her 'Kerala Story' role, showcasing her evolving acting range. 

Co-Starring Jatin Sarna

Adah's short film 'Kofuku' features Jatin Sarna, promising a memorable on-screen partnership. 

JioCinema Premiere 

Catch 'Kofuku' on JioCinema, premiered on October 9 during the JioCinema Film Festival. 

Adah's Pride in Her Work 

Adah expresses her pride in her diverse body of work and her commitment to evolving as an actress. 

Embracing New Narratives 

Adah Sharma continues to embrace fresh narratives, inspiring audiences with her talent and dedication to exploring diverse characters and stories. 

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