Stardom, Aryan Khan’s first film as a filmmaker, will wrap its production in Mumbai: Report

Final Mumbai shot is scheduled for Aryan Khan’s debut feature film, Stardom.

Shah Rukh Khan, the iconic Bollywood superstar, is currently riding a wave of success with his latest film, “Jawan.” However, it’s not just the senior Khan who’s making headlines in the entertainment industry. The Khan family’s legacy is expanding in diverse ways, with his children, Suhana Khan and Aryan Khan, carving out their own paths in the world of entertainment.

Stardom, Aryan Khan's first film as a filmmaker, will wrap its production in Mumbai: Report

Suhana Khan, the talented daughter of Shah Rukh Khan, is poised to make her long-awaited acting debut later this year in Zoya Akhtar’s upcoming project, “The Archies.” This exciting venture is scheduled to premiere exclusively on Netflix on December 7th, creating significant anticipation among both fans and industry insiders. Suhana’s debut has been a topic of immense interest and speculation, given her famous lineage and the high expectations associated with being a Khan. It’s an exciting time for the family as they eagerly await her debut on the silver screen.

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, has chosen a different path within the entertainment industry. Instead of pursuing acting like his father and sister, Aryan has set his sights on direction and filmmaking. With unwavering focus and determination, the star kid has been generating considerable buzz for his directorial debut, “Stardom.”

According to a report by News 18, “Stardom” embarked on its production journey in July earlier this year. This ambitious project promises to be a star-studded affair, featuring cameo appearances by some of Bollywood’s heavyweights. Notable names like Shah Rukh Khan himself, along with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, and Bobby Deol, are set to make special appearances in the series. This star power adds an extra layer of excitement to the project and fuels anticipation among fans.


“Stardom” is headlined by Lakshya Lalwani, a rising talent in the industry. The series aims to provide viewers with a fictionalized glimpse into the inner workings of the Hindi film industry, offering insights and drama beyond the glitz and glamour. The shooting for the series is currently in its final stages, with the team working diligently to bring Aryan Khan’s vision to life.

An insider source revealed, “The team of ‘Stardom’ is currently shooting in Alibaug. The final schedule of the show is slated to happen later this month, marking the completion of a project that Aryan has been conceptualizing for more than a year. The last leg of the show will be shot in a multi-cultural centre in Mumbai’s Nariman Point, featuring an elaborate set resembling a star-studded award function.”

Moreover, Aryan Khan has been fortunate to have a supporting star kid by his side who shares a close bond with the Khan family. Praising Aryan’s professionalism and dedication, the source added, “Despite ‘Stardom’ being his debut project, Aryan has left everyone impressed with his commitment and passion. He has a clear vision of how he wants the series to look and is a thorough professional who knows exactly what he expects from the cast members. His competency has garnered admiration from every corner of the industry, with many expressing their desire to work with him.”

In addition to his directorial pursuits, Aryan Khan recently ventured into the world of advertising. He directed an ad film for his brand, D’YAVOL, which also featured his father, Shah Rukh Khan. This creative endeavour showcases Aryan’s multifaceted talents and his ability to bring his artistic vision to different mediums.

Aryan Khan’s journey into the world of entertainment is informed by a solid educational background. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematic Arts, specializing in Film and Television Production, from the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. This solid foundation in cinematic arts has undoubtedly equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the world of filmmaking.

Shah Rukh Khan said that his son

In December 2022, Aryan Khan, along with his co-founders Bunty Singh and Leti Blagoeva, embarked on an exciting new venture in the luxury lifestyle business. Their project, D’YAVOL, is aimed at providing consumers with the finest global experiences and authentic products in the realms of fashion, beverages, and exclusive events. This entrepreneurial endeavour demonstrates Aryan’s forward-thinking approach and his desire to explore diverse avenues within the entertainment and lifestyle industries.

In conclusion, the Khan family continues to be a powerhouse in the entertainment world, with Shah Rukh Khan’s children, Suhana and Aryan Khan, making their marks in unique and impactful ways. Suhana’s upcoming acting debut in “The Archies” is highly anticipated, while Aryan’s directorial debut, “Stardom,” promises to be a star-studded affair that offers a peek behind the curtains of Bollywood. With their talent, passion, and family legacy, the Khan siblings are set to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry for years to come.

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