Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Zendaya, according to Vogue Business, have the greatest influence on luxury fashion firms.

According to Vogue Business, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Zendaya have the greatest influence.

In the glitzy realm where celebrity and fashion collide, two luminaries have emerged as the reigning queens of influence: Sonam Kapoor, the Bollywood diva, and Zendaya, the young sensation from Hollywood. According to a detailed report by Vogue Business, these two stars, along with other notable figures like Kylie Jenner, the globally adored K-pop group BTS, and the captivating members of Blackpink, have commanded the highest impact for luxury fashion brands on a global scale. Vogue Business, a vanguard in the fashion industry, meticulously analyzed the landscape of earned media for the year, illuminating the powerful interplay between celebrities and fashion brands.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Zendaya, according to Vogue Business, have the greatest influence on luxury fashion firms.
At the forefront of this glamorous parade is Zendaya, the Hollywood ingenue whose aura is as captivating as her talent. Her association with Louis Vuitton, one of the bastions of luxury fashion, yielded an astronomical earned media value (EMV) of $39,725,147. This staggering figure is a testament to Zendaya’s magnetic allure and her ability to set the fashion world ablaze with her every outing.

Not far behind is Sonam Kapoor, the epitome of elegance and style. Her affiliation with Valentino, a name synonymous with timeless grace, garnered an impressive EMV of $20,331,368. Sonam’s presence on this illustrious list signifies not just her personal triumph but also the rise of India on the global fashion map. She stands as an embodiment of India’s rich cultural heritage, making waves and influencing the popular culture of not only her homeland but also resonating with Indians across the globe.

Vogue Business, in its insightful analysis, heralded a paradigm shift in the fashion landscape. The days of viral stunts have given way to a new era dominated by celebrities. Instead of relying on viral moments, fashion brands have strategically invested in star-studded front rows and celebrity casting. The result? A synergy of celebrity charisma and high-end fashion creates a magnetic pull that consumers find irresistible. This symbiotic relationship between the fashion industry and the entertainment world has ushered in an era where celebrities are not just endorsers but integral components of a brand’s identity.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Zendaya, according to Vogue Business, have the greatest influence on luxury fashion firms.
Sonam Kapoor’s journey to becoming a global fashion icon is a testament to her unparalleled charm and sartorial finesse. Her impact reaches far beyond the silver screen; she embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity that defines contemporary India. As she graces international events and garners accolades, she carries with her the essence of her roots, showcasing to the world the rich tapestry of Indian fashion and culture. Her recognition in the Vogue Business analysis underscores the global acknowledgement of her influence, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the fashion universe.

Looking ahead, Sonam Kapoor is poised to grace the silver screen in two monumental projects, promising audiences a cinematic experience like never before. One of these ventures is the highly anticipated adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s novel, “Battle For Bittora,” a story that is bound to captivate hearts and minds. The other project, shrouded in secrecy, adds an air of mystery and excitement to Sonam’s already illustrious career. Recently, her sister, Rhea Kapoor, confirmed their reunion for one of these upcoming films, igniting the curiosity of fans and industry insiders alike.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Zendaya
In conclusion, the synergy between celebrities and luxury fashion brands has reshaped the industry landscape. Figures like Sonam Kapoor and Zendaya, alongside other iconic personalities, have become the face of this transformation, their influence radiating globally. As the fashion world continues to evolve, these celebrities stand as beacons, guiding the industry toward new horizons. Sonam Kapoor, with her grace, elegance, and global appeal, exemplifies the essence of this revolution. Her journey, as chronicled by Vogue Business, not only celebrates her individual triumph but also heralds a new era where the boundaries between cinema and fashion blur, giving rise to a world where style knows no bounds and celebrities reign supreme.

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