NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN “Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan will create Tehelka, aag laga degi,” says the trade as he sees anticipation. September 7 ko, Toofan aa raha!”

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan will create Tehelka, aag laga degi:

In order to better understand the fervour in the air as the Shah Rukh Khan-starring film Jawan is on its way to making history, Bollywood Hungama consulted with industry insiders and exhibitors. Veteran trader Taran Adarsh exulted, “It will produce Tehelka, aag laga degi. September 7th ko, toofan aa raha!” “Look at the trend in advance bookings,” he continued. It is incredible. The rate of ticket sales is really rapid. It seems like there is a sale, and people are hurrying to the mall to get the greatest deals before others do. Additionally, the tickets are not Rs. 50 or Rs. 100. Blockbuster prices apply to these.

NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN "Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan will create Tehelka, aag laga degi," says the trade as he sees anticipation. September 7 ko, Toofan aa raha!"

The owner of Jaipur’s Entertainment Paradise, Raj Bansal, said, “The advance is mind-blowing and above my expectations. Yes, I had anticipated large numbers, but this is enormous. Hindi film has returned, and how! Check out Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, Gadar 2, OMG 2, Dream Girl 2, and now Jawan.

Owner of Roopbani Cinema in Purnia, Bihar, Vishek Chauhan, who in a rare instance will screen Jawan at 6:00 am, said, “We played 6:00 am shows for KGF – Chapter 2 (2022) and Pathaan (2023) and have now kept for Jawan due to insane demand.” “The response is very good, as expected,” he continued. Response to the film is “Aisi film banayenge toh aayega hi an!”

According to exhibitors, events at 6:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. fill up quickly, Taran Adarsh said. That demonstrates that people are prepared to leave their homes at that hour. This also occurred in Chapter 2 of KGF and Pathaan.

The producer and film industry analyst Girish Johar noted that the trailer also worked, saying, “I enjoyed the trailer. It offers something for every audience segment. It appears to be a wholly satisfying masala action entertainer, which was what was anticipated from the movie.

Atul Mohan, a trade analyst, continued, “The trailer was released at the very last second. The following day, the advance was launched. It took advantage of the audience’s excitement. Additionally, Shah Rukh Khan did a really clever job of promoting the movie in Dubai and Chennai.

He also added, “The makers should have released the trailer just in theatres instead of YouTube because the demand for this movie is so great. Each ticket may have cost Rs. 50. “Issi se Jawan Rs. 100-150 crores kama leti!”

Jawan vs. The Nun II:

NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN "Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan will create Tehelka, aag laga degi," says the trade as he sees anticipation. September 7 ko, Toofan aa raha!"
However, Jawan will have to share the spotlight with the American horror movie The Nun II. According to Taran Adarsh, the movie has the potential to succeed as well: “Many moviegoers arrive at a theatre but are unable to purchase the ticket for their preferred film. As a result, the subsequent movie benefits from the repercussions of that one, in this case, Jawan. People think “Itni duur aaye hai toh dusri film dekh lete hai.” Obviously, Jawan will take precedence.

Along the same lines, Girish Johar added, “It’s a given that not just 2, even if 3 films arrive on the same day, all can do well. They might receive Jawan’s excess. The movie will gain if it is successful.

“The previous movie made a business of Rs. 46 crores,” stated Vishek Chauhan. This demonstrates that it has a following, proving that The Nun II can succeed as well.

Additionally, he bellowed, “A movie makes its own demand. Some so-called experts anticipated that the Gadar 2 wave would have an impact on Jawan. But see Jawan’s advance. Both Gadar 2 and OMG 2 had successful runs. If there is interest in your movie and a market for it, crowds will swarm to the theatres. Even Oppenheimer and Barbie got along well and made money all over the world. Together, Gadar, OMG 2, and Dream Girl 2 completed a victorious race. whether your movie isn’t worth it, it will still suffer whether it debuts alone.

In reference to The Nun II’s matchup with Jawan, Atul Mohan declared, “None will sustain opposite Jawan!” He added, “Jawan will receive the most screens. View the trend. There will be additional shows. For screens, Warner Bros. will have to fight.

I don’t think the movie can succeed, Raj Bansal concurred. It is impossible to get shows on single screens. It will only be in metros in the multiplexes. It might not get a single show in multiplexes in smaller cities. Chandigarh, Indore, and Jaipur ke theatres mein majboori mein, ya studio ke pressure se show de denge, he continued. But when the theatre owners notice that Jawan has sold so many tickets for a small number of performances, they’ll offer Shah Rukh Khan the remaining performances as well. After all, they aim to get financial gain.

Only the multiplexes in Tamil Nadu would screen The Nun II, according to Ruban Mathivanan of GK Cinemas in Chennai. Only Jawan will be screened on the single screens. Red Giant, another well-known distributor, is selling Jawan in this region.

Jawan once demonstrated Shah Rukh Khan’s superiority by saying, “Call him King, Baadshah, whatever. The truth is that he ranks from 1 to 5. He is the unchallenged emperor even abroad. Jawan will set new marks, he added. There will be no competition for Shah Rukh Khan. He’ll face off against himself. It’s Jawan against. Pathaan, or Shah Rukh versus. Shah Rukh.

NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN "Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan will create Tehelka, aag laga degi," says the trade as he sees anticipation. September 7 ko, Toofan aa raha!"

“Ek positivity ki lehar aa rahi hai,” he said with a smile as he reflected on the glory days of cinema. Numerous films performed well, including The Kerala Story, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, Satyaprem Ki Katha, Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, Gadar 2, OMG 2, and Dream Girl 2. I find myself being taken back to the 1970s. Then, every other week a multi-starrer would be released. And the majority of these movies used to be huge box-office successes. When I was a kid, I used to wonder, “Ki woh din kab aayenge aur lo, acche din wapis aa gaye!”

Vishek Chauhan said, “90s waala time wapis aa raha hai,” contrasting the present with the decade of the 1990s. Then, Shah Rukh Khan’s high-profile movie would succeed and be followed by Sunny Deol’s action movie. These movies used to all have fantastic openings.

Before leaving, he said, “There was a song in Bombay Boys (1998) called “Khaane Ka Peena Ka” that contained the line, “Abey asmaani kabootar. stall mein balcony se utar kar. Bollywood is receiving this message from the audience: “Balcony se utar ke stall mein aa jaao kyunki Ganga yahin pe hai” Even the balcony audience will love a movie you prepare for the stalls.

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