Seema Deo, Veteran actor and mother of actor Abhinay Deo, passes away at age 81.

At age 81, seasoned Marathi actor Seema Deo passed away. Alzheimer’s illness was identified in her.

Veteran actress Seema Deo, who is well known for her appearances in Anand and Kora Kagaz, passed away in this city on Thursday morning as a result of age-related illnesses, according to her filmmaker son Abhinay Deo. She was 81 years old.

At her Bandra home, the actor, who appeared in over 80 Hindi and Marathi movies, passed suddenly. Seema Deo had more than three years of Alzheimer’s disease.

Seema Deo, Veteran actor and mother of actor Abhinay Deo, passes away at age 81.

Seema Deo died of old age at her Bandra home between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning. She had entirely cut herself off, and soon it was just old age. When you get Alzheimer’s, you stop being able to function normally. She had dementia which was a precursor to Alzheimer’s and had been ill for more than three years.

There was no apparent cause for her passing. Alzheimer’s and dementia cause the person to lose their ability to walk. The organs begin to shut down one by one as muscle memory begins to deteriorate, according to Abhinay Deo, speaking to PTI.

At Shivaji Park, the final rituals will be conducted at 5:00 p.m.

Her spouse Ramesh Deo, who was 93 years old and had also worked in Hindi and Marathi films, passed away in 2022.

Ajinkya Deo and Abhinay Deo, an actor, are her two surviving sons. While Abhinay Deo is a director best known for Delhi Belly and Force, Ajinkya Deo is an actor who has appeared in movies like Sansaar, Indrajeet, and Aan: Men at Work.

Seema’s illness was revealed by her son Ajinkya Deo on social media in the year 2020 and said- “Her mother Seema Deo is suffering from Alzheimer’s, Our entire Dev family is taking care of her and praying every day for her well-being. does. You also pray for him.”However, the entire Deo family and followers are clearly in a really terrible situation now that Seema has died away.Seema Deo, Veteran actor and mother of actor Abhinay Deo, passes away at age 81.

Seema Deo was considered a big face of the Marathi film industry. Seema Dev participated in more than 80 films throughout his career, many of them in Hindi and Marathi. In addition to this, she appeared in other TV series.

He started his film career in the year 1960 through the Marathi film ‘Mian Biwi Raza’. Following this, Seema also had a significant part in Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan’s blockbuster movie “Anand.”

After hearing about Seema’s passing and experiencing prolonged anguish over the loss, the whole Marathi business is in deep mourning.

She has been in the prayers of the entire Deo family, and we would like Maharashtra, which she so adored, to join us. Throughout her career, Seema appeared in more than 80 movies. Among her many Marathi ventures were Jagachya Pathivar and Vardakshina. She last appeared in the Marathi movie Jivan Sandhya in 2021.

About the husband of Seema Deo, Ramesh Deo
The entertainment industry was greatly impacted by the well-known actor Ramesh Deo, who appeared in both movies and television. Throughout the course of his extensive career, he made numerous appearances in Hindi films, Marathi films, and Marathi dramas. He dabbled with production and direction by creating feature films, television series, advertisements, and documentaries. He worked with Rajesh Khanna on a number of movies, including Anand, Joroo Ka Ghulam, Aap Ki Kasam, and others like Dus Lakh, Fakira, and Mere Apne, among many others.

Ramesh Deo and Seema Deo, formerly Nalini Saraf, wed in 1960. On February 2, 2022, he suffered a heart attack and died at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital at the age of 93.

Seema Deo, Veteran actor and mother of actor Abhinay Deo, passes away at age 81.

Seema appeared in more than 80 movies. Her famous works are Vardakshina and Jagachya Pathivar. Her most recent appearance was in the 2021 Marathi film Jivan Sandhya. In an interview with Times of India in 2018, Abhinay Deo discussed his parents and stated, “My parents even then were not as social, I suppose. Always kept private and almost sacrosanct, the house.

We were never accustomed to being referred to as Ramesh and Seema Deo’s “star kids.” We voluntarily enrolled at a school that offered instruction in Hindi, Marathi, and English. Even though we had English as our primary language of instruction, Hindi and Marathi were given equal weight. It was a straightforward institution that prioritized academics. They easily could have placed us in a Bombay

Scottish. However, they purposefully placed us in a school where we studied alongside regular students who came from middle-class households. They have made sure that we remain the same despite their fame.

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