Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023 will screen Mai starring Kunaal Roy Kapur and Shahana Goswami.

Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023 will screen Mai starring Kunaal Roy Kapur.

A Culinary Odyssey of Love, Loss, and Rediscovery: The Tale of “Mai” at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival

In the bustling heart of Mumbai, amidst the glamour and glitz of the film industry, a poignant story is set to unfold on the silver screen. Mai, a 41-minute cinematic gem, written and directed by the talented Milind Dhaimade and produced by the esteemed Colosceum Media Pvt Ltd. (Lalit Prem Sharma) and Macguffin Pictures (Honey Trehan and Abhishek Chaubey), is poised to grace the upcoming Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. Scheduled to run from October 27 to November 5, 2023, across multiple venues in Mumbai, this film promises to be a soul-stirring exploration of love, loss, and the extraordinary power of food to bridge the gaps in our lives.

Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023 will screen Mai starring Kunaal Roy Kapur and Shahana Goswami.
At its core, Mai revolves around a profound yet simple notion: we cannot truly find something until we are ready to lose something. The story delicately unwraps the life of Suman Das, a 35-year-old man portrayed brilliantly by Kunaal Roy Kapur, who finds solace and joy in his mother’s culinary creations. However, when faced with the abrupt departure of his mother, Suman embarks on a journey that traverses the delicate territories of love, grief, and the art of letting go.

Suman’s world, once brimming with the aroma of his mother’s dishes, transforms into a realm of emptiness after her unexpected demise. The film captures the essence of this emotional turbulence, portraying Suman’s quest to preserve his mother’s culinary legacy, a legacy that becomes his lifeline in coping with the void left by her absence. The narrative ingeniously weaves together the themes of love, loss, and sacrifice, revealing how our deepest connections are often intertwined with the tastes and flavours that define our existence.

Kunaal Roy Kapur, whose nuanced portrayal of Suman Das promises to be a tour de force, shared his thoughts on the film. He expressed, “Working on Mai has been a truly enriching experience. In addition to being realistic, the movie’s examination of love, grief, and the ability to let go is uplifting. I found it particularly difficult to represent my character’s self-centred preoccupation and stubbornness, which hold him back. This amazing voyage of self-discovery is sure to evoke strong emotions in the audience, and I look forward to seeing how they respond to it.”

Alongside Kunaal, the film features the immensely talented Shahana Goswami as Mona, a character whose extraordinary sense of taste becomes a pivotal element in Suman’s culinary quest. Shahana, known for her depth and authenticity in portraying characters, added, “Shooting with Milind Dhaimade was a whirlwind of fun and madness, and Kunal’s addition elevated the experience. With depth and veracity, “Mai” reflects both the inner and exterior workings of life, skillfully capturing the complexity of loss and finding. It brings to light the sometimes overlooked relationship between food and the feelings connected to particular flavours and scents, and I’m thrilled to have contributed to this understated, lovely film.

The unique narrative of Mai finds itself nestled within an anthology series titled ‘Lost & Found’, curated by seven storytellers. This anthology is a remarkable collection of exquisite tales, each exploring the multifaceted concept of Loss and Gain. Milind Dhaimade, through his directorial finesse, takes the audience on an emotional odyssey, delving into the profound relationship between food, memories, and the unbreakable bonds of love. The film captures the intricacies of Suman’s journey as he encounters Mona, played by Shahana Goswami, a woman whose exceptional taste buds can decipher the nuances of any dish.

Produced by the acclaimed Macguffin Pictures, known for their penchant for narratives that resonate deeply with the audience, and Colosceum Media Pvt Ltd., a production house committed to nurturing creativity and fostering meaningful dialogues through cinema, Mai promises to be an evocative cinematic experience. The film is a testament to the power of storytelling, where the seemingly simple act of cooking becomes a metaphor for life’s intricate flavours, reminding us that every taste carries the essence of a cherished memory or a profound emotion.

Mai starring Kunaal Roy Kapur
Honey Trehan and Abhishek Chaubey, the producers at Macguffin Pictures, expressed their pride in presenting Mai and stated, “We, at Macguffin, are extremely proud to present Mai by Milind Dhaimade, a story of love and grief told with tenderness about a woman, her son, and the food that kept them together.

Furthermore, Mai is set to grace the screens at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023, captivating audiences on three occasions: October 29 at 5:30 PM (Goregaon PVR ICON, Oberoi Mall), October 31 at 6:00 PM (Andheri PVR ICON, Infiniti Mall), and November 3 at 3:30 PM (Malad INOX Inorbit Mall). The festival, renowned for showcasing exceptional cinematic creations, provides the perfect platform for Mai to be unveiled to the world.

Lalit Prem Sharma, the producer at Colosceum Media Pvt Ltd., shared his thoughts, stating, “The ‘Lost and Found’ metaphor deeply resonates with this anthology series, emphasizing the need to let go of the familiar to discover transformation. It is a pleasure for us to participate in the Jio MAMI festival, interacting with professionals and movie buffs and creating enduring dialogues. “Mai,” a representation of our dedication at Colosceum, is more than just amusement; it makes you think. With an engrossing story and poignant performances, we hope to enthral and inspire audiences at its premiere. We support the development and progress of the film industry by fostering creativity.

In the heart of this captivating narrative lies a profound truth: the emotions we experience and the memories we hold dear are often intertwined with the tastes and flavours that define our lives. Mai promises to be an unforgettable cinematic feast, inviting the audience on a culinary odyssey where love, loss, and the enduring magic of food collide to create a symphony of emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023 will screen Mai starring Kunaal Roy Kapur and Shahana Goswami.

As the curtain rises at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, Mai stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, reminding us that in every dish, in every flavour, lies a story waiting to be savoured, a memory waiting to be relished, and an emotion waiting to be felt. Through the lens of Milind Dhaimade’s vision, the audience is invited to embark on a cinematic journey that transcends the ordinary, offering a taste of life’s most profound experiences: the joy of discovery, the pain of loss, and the enduring power of love, all served on a platter of exquisite storytelling, making Mai an unmissable cinematic delicacy.

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