Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa 11: “I wanted to break the mould,” Farah Khan says when recalling choreographing “Pehla Nasha.”

I wanted to break the mould,” Farah Khan says in Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa 11.

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, the celebrated celebrity dance reality show, made a stunning debut on Sony Entertainment Television, capturing the hearts of viewers with its grand premiere last weekend. The stars graced the stage, twirling, dazzling, and shining bright on television screens.

Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa 11

As anticipation builds for the upcoming episodes, the show promises a fresh and exciting twist with the ‘Pehli Baar’ special-themed episodes. In this unique segment, celebrities will venture into uncharted dance territory, showcasing their skills in a new light, and face judgment from the FAM trio of judges – Farah Khan, Arshad Warsi, and Malaika Arora.

A notable participant in the show, actor Aamir Ali, who has made a noteworthy comeback to television, is gearing up to captivate audiences with his inaugural attempt at the waltz. Aamir will be partnering with his choreographer, Sneha Singh, to perform the timeless romantic track ‘Pehla Nasha.’ The performance caught the attention of Judge Farah Khan, who originally choreographed the song and expressed her admiration for the act.

Farah Khan was visibly impressed, stating, “This song is very close to my heart. I was recognized for the first time for this song. Thus, the outcome of a performance of this song can be anyway. But today, it was very sweet and nice.

Both of you look wonderful together. When you dance a waltz with a girl, Aamir, she usually steals the show, especially with her flowing dress and the lifts, but today you steal the show.”

Farah Khan said, “You didn’t let the focus shift from yourself; it was sweet and goofy,” as she continued her compliments. The timing was excellent in the rotations. You appeared a little nervous last week, but today you exuded confidence. A hero is a hero, and you act like a star, as I have stated previously. This was a Tehelka performance.”

Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa 11: "I wanted to break the mould," Farah Khan says when recalling choreographing "Pehla Nasha."

Judge Malaika Arora echoed the sentiments of admiration for the act, expressing her happiness with the performance. She commended the smooth and seamless transitions, noting a significant improvement from the previous week. “You are here to make a point,” Malaika Arora restated. “If you continue to work and dance this way, you will not only win our hearts but also the love of your followers.”

As the conversation unfolded, the show’s host, Rithvik, engaged Farah Khan in a discussion about how she visualized and choreographed the iconic song. Farah took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revealing her creative process, “I wanted to do something very, very different and something entirely new for that time. You know, there are always background dancers going around in all of the dance routines, even in love songs.

I therefore desired to break that pattern and try something different. Since I was also a young person at the time, I wanted to demonstrate how the world stops when we are in love. Everything is indistinct, and our perception of reality is contingent upon our emotional state. That’s what I wanted the choreography to reflect.”

The ‘Pehli Baar’ special-themed episodes promise to add a layer of excitement and challenge for the celebrities, as they step into uncharted dance territory, aiming to impress the discerning judges and the audience. The intricate details of Farah Khan’s choreography and the emotional connection she shared with the song ‘Pehla Nasha’ underscore the dedication and creativity behind the scenes.

As the journey of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa continues, audiences can expect more dazzling performances every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 PM, exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television.

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11

The show not only showcases the dance prowess of celebrities but also provides a platform for creative expression, storytelling through movement, and the evolution of participants as they navigate new dance genres.

The ‘Pehli Baar’ special promises to be a pivotal moment in the season, with celebrities embracing the challenge and delivering performances that leave a lasting impact on both judges and viewers alike.

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