Jawan stars Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay Sethupathi responded to 7 urgent questions, Before the film’s release

Jawan stars Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay Sethupathi responded to 7 questions:

The anticipation among the public is at an all-time high as Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan prepares to hit the big screens this Thursday. The audience finds it difficult to wait for the movie’s premiere after watching the action-packed trailer, as is evident at the advance booking windows where this action entertainer is breaking records.


The creators have now launched a video on social media called 7 QUESTIONS FOR 7TH SEPTEMBER, which gives everyone a humorous look into the movie, in an effort to heighten the rapidly growing enthusiasm.

1) Is it accurate to say that you and Atlee have been wanting to collaborate for a while? * SRK replied, “I met with Atlee during the making of Bigil and he went for the match between CSK and KKR.” Before this, Atlee had mentioned the concept for Jawan to me, stating, “It’s you, sir, along with 5 girls and that’s my film because my wife Priya and I really feel that you look the nicest when you have a bunch of ladies with you in a film.” And so Jawan was born.

As for Vijay Sethupathi, who plays Kaali in Jawan, the video raised some questions for him as well.

2) Vijay Setupathi, how did you land the villain character in Jawan? Is Shah Rukh Khan the true evil in the movie, or are you? Vijay Sethupathi reflects on his interactions with SRK and Atlee while providing an answer. He spoke to SRK, “Sir, I wanted to be a part of your film,” and SRK responded, “We were also thinking of you for the past few years.” As a result, he ended up in this movie. In addition, who do you think is the movie’s genuine villain—him or Shah Rukh Khan? Vijay responded deftly, “Both are acting their parts and are villains for each other.”

3) Are you the villain, the hero, or the vill-hero? I have a question for SRK. Tell us your hidden agenda.
The same-answered question is met with SRK’s response, “It’s a common man doing uncommon things for the common good of everyone.”

Jawan stars Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay Sethupathi responded to 7 urgent questions, Before the film's release

4) What was it like working with Shah Rukh Khan, and Vijay Setupathi?
Vijay responded by saying how he likes the spontaneous style of interviews SRK does and how intrigued he is. Additionally, he frequently questions him to learn more about him personally.

5) Is there anything more I should know about SRK? Are you an action hero or just a person with a superb insurance policy?
My insurance policy is over, SRK joked in response. Everyone is unwilling to insure him because he has been hurt so frequently. He continued by saying that the only reason he enjoys making action movies is because his youngest son Abram loves cool movies with action, anime, and superheroes, and he wants to make cool action movies for him.

6) Vijay Setupathi, how do you get ready for such a challenging antagonist role?
According to Vijay Sethupathi, “I just know that I am good at choosing scripts, and I do not want to bring anything else into my headspace because I think it would ruin the artist in my mind, which is something I do not want to do.”

Jawaan Jawan's GRAND pre-release

7) When did you realize, “That is why I signed up for Jawan”?
SRK spoke about this specific instance, saying, “There is a shot where I am introduced as the bald hero (does the clapping action). I remember Atlee putting a lot of powder in my hand and I believe I sneezed also while doing that shot, but when I finally saw the shot, that was my moment for doing Jawan”

After saying this, SRK promised that there would be much more in the movie and put the fans’ anticipation on edge. Additionally, the superstar exhorts everyone to watch Jawan on September 7, 2023.

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