Jawan Movie Review: JAWAN is an entertainer with excellent performances, thrilling and clapworthy moments and larger-than-life action sequences.

Jawan Movie Review and Rating (4.5/5):

The protagonist of JAWAN is a vigilante. Kind villagers who live close to the border save a strange man (Shah Rukh Khan) who has been severely hurt. The militants attacked the village a few months later. They are all saved by the mystery man, who has since recovered. He appears to have forgotten everything, though. Thirty years later, the unidentified man enlists the aid of his female gang, which includes Laxmi (Priya Mani), Eeram (Sanya Malhotra), Ishkra (Girija Oak), Kalki (Lehar Khan), Helena (Sanjeeta Bhattacharya), and Janvi (Aaliyah Qureishi), to steal a metro train in Mumbai.

Shah Rukh Khan's starrer Jawan

The unidentified man requested 40,000 crores of rupees from the government. He doesn’t, however, want the cash for personal use. Instead, he gives the money to a group of people who are economically challenged. The task is handed to Narmada (Nayanthara), who has experience managing hostage situations successfully. Despite her best attempts, the strange man and his female squad manage to escape. One of the largest arms dealers in the world, Kalee Gaikwad (Vijay Sethupathi), becomes entangled in this issue when the government takes money from him and gives it to an unknown man at the latter’s request.

In addition to being entertaining, Atlee’s story makes a significant point about our political system. The screenplay by Atlee and S. Ramanagirivasan is captivating. One doesn’t have time to contemplate because the movie is filled with interesting things happening all the time. However, there are other passages where reason is put aside. The dialogues of Sumit Arora are potent. The theatre will clap and whistle in response to several one-liners.

The direction by Atlee is excellent. He keeps the story very straightforward so that it will be simple to understand. The story has a little Southern feel to it because the movie addresses societal issues without sacrificing entertainment value. However, JAWAN is unmistakably a Bollywood movie. Atlee has done a fantastic job maintaining the balance. The plot frequently jumps back and forth in time. It increases the level of fascination because one is continually interested in the background information.

Official Hindi Trailer for “Jawan” with Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi.

The second half, though, is noticeably poorer. You feel like you’ve been there and done that in a few situations. It takes too many artistic licenses in movies. Additionally, Atlee established a number of characters and plot aspects, but they were quickly forgotten.

JAWAN gets off to a fast start. The arrival of Shah Rukh Khan will send moviegoers into a frenzy. The story jumps to the episode of the metro hijack before you have time to digest the sequence. Not only is it fierce, but it is also deeply touching, particularly in the flashback scene. Suji’s (Seeza Saroj Mehta) moments are adorable. The hospital scene sends the movie into overdrive once more.

The crowds will also erupt in hysteria during the intermission. Even though the second half has its share of thrilling moments, it falls short of the first half’s extraordinary first half. The scene where the prisoner gives birth in custody and Kalee’s inquiry are two scenes that stand out. But when the movie hits another sixer, that’s when the action really heats up.

Since audiences haven’t seen Shah Rukh Khan in these roles in the past 31 years, he both rocks and astounds. The film’s general appeal is greatly increased by all of his amusing appearances. Vijay Sethupathi does alright in the first half but really shines in the second. Nayanthara gives a terrific performance and has a stunning appearance.

Jawan Movie Review: JAWAN is an entertainer with excellent performances, thrilling and clapworthy moments and larger-than-life action sequences.

However, because the director didn’t spend enough time crafting their love story, the chemistry between her and Shah Rukh Khan isn’t as electric as it should be. Priya Mani, Sanya Malhotra, and Lehar Khan stand out among the girl team. Also succeeding are Girija Oak and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. The beautiful Seeza Saroj Mehta. Few opportunities are given to Sunil Grover (Irani), Eijaz Jhan (Manish), Ridhi Dogra (Kaveri), and Ashlesha (Alia; Kalee’s daughter).

The father of Kalki, Omkar Das Manikpuri, is a talented actor. The casting for Naresh Gosain (Minister of Agriculture), Ashwin Kaushal (Minister of Health), and Mukesh Chhabra (Pappu; Health Minister’s PA) is excellent. For about 20 minutes, Deepika Padukone (Aishwarya Rathore) is very good and is there. An audience favorite is Madhavan Naik’s, Sanjay Dutt.

Even if Anirudh’s music comes across as one of the film’s worst parts, the songs are gorgeously illustrated. The greatest of the bunch is the title song, which functions as the movie’s theme. The positioning makes “Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya” and “Zinda Banda” effective.

‘Aararaari Raaro’ is no different. ‘Chaleya’ and ‘Faraatta’ are respectable. The background music by Anirudh adds to the general charm.

Jawan starrer Shah Rukh Khan

Rich cinematography by G K Vishnu. The production design by T Muthuraj is superb. The attire of Anirudh and Dipika Lal is striking. A special note should be made of Preetisheel Singh D’souza’s makeup and prosthetics. The action is visually beautiful and not overly gory in Spiro Razatos, Anl Arasu, Craig Macrae, Yannick Ben, Kecha Khamphakdee, and Sunil Rodrigues. Global standards are met by Redchillies.VFX’s VFX. The editing Ruben does is flawless.

Overall, JAWAN is a mass entertainer at its best, featuring outstanding performances, heart-pounding moments, epic action scenes, and a never-before-seen Shah Rukh Khan persona. It will become a blockbuster of epic proportions at the box office, breaking new records and rewriting existing ones.

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