The top 5 finalists of India’s Best Dancer Season 3.

The top 5 finalists for India’s Best Dancer Season 3 have been announced.

India’s Best Dancer Season 3: A Journey of Talent, Dedication, and Inspiration”

In the vibrant world of Indian television, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown dance competition, “India’s Best Dancer Season 3,” has become a celebrated platform for showcasing superlative talent and phenomenal dance moves. With each passing episode, contestants have pushed their boundaries, captivated the judges, and won the hearts of millions of viewers. This article delves into the journey of this enthralling dance competition, highlighting the incredible Top 5 finalists who are now on the brink of securing the coveted title of “India’s Best Dancer Season 3.”

The top 5 finalists of India's Best Dancer Season 3.

The heart of this exhilarating show lies in its panel of esteemed judges, often referred to as the E.E.N.T (Emotions, Entertainment, Newness, and Technique) specialists: Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur, and Terence Lewis. These luminaries of the dance world have played a pivotal role in guiding, critiquing, and nurturing the raw talent on display.

As we approach the grand finale, “India’s Best Dancer Season 3” proudly presents its “Top 5” finalists, each with a unique story and a mesmerizing dance journey:

1. Aniket Chauhan and Choreographer Kartik Raja: The ‘Charlie Chaplin’ of Dance

Aniket Chauhan, hailing from Delhi, has earned the endearing nickname, the ‘Charlie Chaplin of India’s Best Dancer Season 3.’ Aniket’s remarkable journey began when he secured the top spot in the ‘Behtareen Teerah.’ What sets Aniket apart is his unconventional approach to dance, marked by a delightful blend of humour and skill. He has consistently left everyone in awe of his talent.

Aniket remarked, “India’s Best Dancer Season 3 has been a roller coaster for me,” in his reflection on his experience. I was the only untrained dancer to reach the top 12 competitors. The competition has been tough, but I’ve tried to prove myself every day. My Gurukul has been this program, which has allowed me to practice both acting and dancing. Moments like when Manushi Chillar requested my autograph and Ayushmann Khurrana complimented my work will always hold special memories for me. I am sincerely grateful for the incredible chance bestowed upon me.

Aniket’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, showcasing how a unique blend of comedy and dance can captivate audiences and make a lasting impression.

2. Vipul Khandpal and Choreographer Pankaj Thapa: The Freestyle Dynamo

Vipul Khandpal, also from Delhi, is known for his electrifying freestyle dance. Initially, there was uncertainty about his fit for the show, as he was among the last contestants to be selected in the ‘Behtareen Teerah.’ However, Vipul has since become a force to reckon with, dazzling viewers with his extraordinary moves from the very beginning.

Speaking about his journey, Vipul shared, “I was the last contestant to be selected by the judges in Behtareen 13, and it fills me with pride to know that Terence Sir In addition to praising my work, Sir is pleased to have me among the top 5. It has been a major accomplishment for me to get this far on the show as a background dancer and assistant choreographer and to have celebs like Nushratt Barucha and Tony Kakkar compliment my effort and dance. I’ll always be appreciative of the chance India’s Best Dancer Season 3 gave me to learn and develop as a dancer.

India's Best Dancer Season 3

Vipul’s journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and proves that raw talent combined with relentless hard work can take you places.

3. Anjali Mamgai and Choreographer Akash Thapa: The Sher Baccha

Anjali Mamgai, hailing from Uttarakhand, is known as the ‘Sher Baccha’ of India’s Best Dancer Season 3. Her journey has been nothing short of inspirational, as she has supported her family since the age of 13 while passionately pursuing her love for dance. Anjali’s determination to make it to the ‘Top 5’ is a testament to her unwavering spirit.

Anjali exclaimed, “India’s Best Dancer Season 3 has been a series of ups and downs for me,” as she expressed her excitement. When the Behtareen 13 were selected, I learned that Vipul Kandpal and I were the last two contestants to make the cut. Since then, I’ve been driven to succeed and earn the respect of the judges. Today, being part of the top 5 is an overwhelming feeling. This season, I am the only female competitor in the top 5, which is a noteworthy accomplishment in and of itself. IBD has become much more than simply a program; it’s like a family. I hope to win and make everybody proud.”

Anjali’s story is a powerful reminder of how resilience and a strong spirit can pave the way for achieving one’s dreams, regardless of the challenges.

4. Shivanshu Soni and Choreographer Vivek Chachere: The Kathak Trailblazer

Shivanshu Soni, hailing from Madhya Pradesh, is known for his impeccable classical dance style and graceful gestures. Breaking stereotypes, he has introduced the world of classical dance to a broader audience, demonstrating that classical dance is not exclusive to women.

Shivanshu said, “As a male classical dancer, I frequently heard that this dancing style is reserved for ladies. I had the chance to demonstrate to the public that classical dance is not just for ladies through India’s Best Dancer Season 3. Being among the top 5 is like realizing a lifelong dream, and hearing the judges praise my performance makes me feel immensely happy. The invitation to the International Dance Festival extended to Terence Sir is already a reward. May the best dancers win, whether they are male or female.

Shivanshu’s journey highlights the power of breaking gender stereotypes and the importance of celebrating diversity in the world of dance.

5. Samarpan Lama and Choreographer Bhawana Khanduja: The ‘Cutie Minister’

Samarpan Lama, hailing from Pune, is a complete fresher in the world of dance. He learned this art form by watching dance reality shows, and his journey from the auditions to the ‘Top 5’ is nothing short of remarkable. With his infectious charm and memorable performances, Samarpan has won the hearts of the judges and the audience alike.

Expressing his emotions, Samarpan shared, “This still feels unreal; I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the audience and the judges – Sonali Bendre, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapur. I couldn’t have shaped my journey without the guidance and wisdom of these people. Furthermore, I am grateful to the program for giving dancers like myself a stage on which to share our skills with the world. My fellow competitors who advanced to the race to the finals have my deepest congratulations.

The top 5 finalists of India's Best Dancer Season 3.
Samarpan’s journey serves as a reminder that talent, dedication, and a passion for dance can overcome any obstacles on the path to success.

The big finale of “India’s Best Dancer Season 3” is coming up, and spectators can expect an evening full of breathtaking performances, genuine emotions, and fierce competition. The show’s journey has been a testament to the resilience, dedication, and passion of these remarkable dancers, who have defied conventions and pursued their dreams with unwavering determination.

The Grand Finale of “India’s Best Dancer Season 3” is scheduled to air on the 30th of September, promising an unforgettable celebration of talent, artistry, and the spirit of dance that has etched a permanent impression on the hearts of millions.

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