Hera Pheri 3 shooting is set for next year, according to Paresh Rawal’s revelation: Report

According to Paresh Rawal’s revelation, Hera Pheri 3 shooting is set for next year.

“Currently, development is taking place on the eagerly anticipated third installment of the beloved Hera Pheri franchise, which is well-known for its memorable characters. Paresh Rawal, the brilliant actor who brought the unforgettable character Baburao Ganpatrao Apte to life, recently shared some exciting details about Hera Pheri 3 in a candid interview with Hindustan Times.

Hera Pheri 3 shooting

Fans of the franchise can rejoice as Rawal revealed key information about the shooting schedule and the expected release date for Hera Pheri 3, as well as details about another eagerly awaited film, Welcome 3.

In the interview, Paresh Rawal disclosed that Hera Pheri 3 is slated to arrive next year, with shooting set to commence in the coming year, building anticipation for the end of 2024. Rawal’s announcement about the release timeline has set the stage for fans to eagerly await the return of the beloved characters from the Hera Pheri universe.

The actor also shed light on the shooting schedule for Welcome 3, stating that filming for the film is set to start by the end of the current year, with a projected release in the summer months of May or June. Rawal tantalizingly labeled both projects as “huge films,” heightening the excitement surrounding these cinematic ventures.

Beyond the excitement of the upcoming films, Paresh Rawal delved into his perspective on awards and how he navigates the industry’s recognition landscape. The actor expressed a nonchalant attitude towards awards, stating, “When it comes to awards, neither am I conscious nor curious.

I am not passionate about awards.” Rawal further emphasized that for him, true recognition comes from knowledgeable individuals appreciating his work. He said, “My reward is always being acknowledged by a knowledgeable person like you. Rest, even if I don’t get an award, it’s okay.”

Rawal’s indifference towards awards contrasts with the prevailing sentiment in the industry, where accolades are often considered a measure of success. The actor’s candid outlook suggests a focus on the intrinsic value of his craft and the connection with the audience, rather than external validation. He also dismissed the significance of awards, asserting, “Awards are no longer a recognition. Actually, it works the opposite way around.

Hera Pheri 3 shooting is set for next year, according to Paresh Rawal's revelation: Report
As fans eagerly await the return of the iconic characters from Hera Pheri, Rawal’s insights provide a glimpse into the actor’s commitment to projects that resonate with audiences. The anticipation surrounding Hera Pheri 3 and Welcome 3 is not only a testament to the enduring popularity of the franchise but also to the stellar performances of Paresh Rawal, who has become synonymous with the character of Baburao Ganpatrao Apte.

The Hera Pheri franchise, known for its rib-tickling humor and memorable dialogues, first captivated audiences with its original installment, released in 2000. The chemistry between the lead actors, including Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, and Sunil Shetty, struck a chord with viewers and laid the foundation for a successful film series. The sequel, Phir Hera Pheri, released in 2006, continued the comedic escapades of the trio, further solidifying the franchise’s status as a comedy classic.

Now, with Hera Pheri 3 on the horizon, fans can anticipate a fresh dose of laughter and entertainment from the misadventures of Baburao, Raju, and Shyam. Paresh Rawal’s portrayal of the eccentric landlord Baburao, with his iconic catchphrases and comedic timing, has left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. As the actor gears up for the shooting schedules of these much-anticipated films, audiences can look forward to a cinematic treat with the return of their beloved characters.

The actor’s commitment to both Hera Pheri 3 and Welcome 3 underscores the significance of these projects in the entertainment landscape. While Hera Pheri 3 promises to continue the legacy of the franchise, Welcome 3 adds another layer of excitement with its unique storyline and ensemble cast. Paresh Rawal’s involvement in these “huge films” amplifies the anticipation, as audiences eagerly await the magic that unfolds when he steps into the shoes of Baburao once again.

As the shooting schedules for these films unfold, fans can expect updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses, heightening the excitement leading up to the releases. The success of the Hera Pheri franchise has set the bar high, and the addition of Welcome 3 to the mix only amplifies the expectations. With Paresh Rawal at the helm, fans can rest assured that the humor, wit, and charm that define these films will be delivered with the same finesse and comedic brilliance.

Hera Pheri 3 shooting is set for next year, according to Paresh Rawal's revelation: Report
In conclusion, Paresh Rawal’s revelations about Hera Pheri 3 and Welcome 3 have sent waves of excitement to fans of the franchise. The actor’s nonchalant attitude towards awards, coupled with his dedication to projects that connect with audiences, reflects a genuine passion for the craft of acting.

As the countdown begins for the release of these much-anticipated films, the return of Hera Pheri promises to be a joyous reunion for fans, bringing back the laughter and camaraderie that made the franchise a timeless classic.”

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