Ganapath Movie Review: GANAPATH: A HERO IS BORN is an unimpressive film overall.

Ganapath Movie Review: A Sci-Fi Action Film Lost in Clichés and Predictability


In the year 2070, where poverty-stricken settlements contrast starkly with the opulence of Silver City, “GANAPATH – A HERO IS BORN” unfolds as a tale of hope amidst disparity. Directed by Vikas Bahl, the film introduces us to Guddu, portrayed by Tiger Shroff, a man destined for greatness in a world where the rich control resources and the poor struggle for survival. Amidst this societal divide, Guddu finds himself thrust into the role of Ganapath, a saviour prophesized to uplift the downtrodden. However, as promising as this premise sounds, the film falls victim to clichés, lacklustre storytelling, and subpar visual effects, leaving audiences wanting more.

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Plot and Setting:

The story paints a dystopian future where the chasm between the wealthy and impoverished has deepened due to a major war. The rich dwell in the luxurious enclave of Silver City, while the destitute eke out a meagre existence in settlements controlled by those with power. Dalini (played by an enigmatic Dalini) rules this dystopian world, orchestrating boxing matches through his aide, John (Ziad Baki), to cater to the entertainment of the privileged class. Guddu, along with his uncle Kaizad (Jameel Khan) and Senior (Girish Kulkarni), becomes entangled in this web of power and violence.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Guddu miraculously survives a grave situation orchestrated by John and embarks on a journey that leads him to Shiva (Rahman), a blind yet formidable figure, and Jassi (Kriti Sanon), Shiva’s tough and capable companion. Unbeknownst to Guddu, he is the prophesized Ganapath, the chosen one destined to challenge the status quo and restore justice to the oppressed. However, Guddu lacks the fighting skills needed for this monumental task. Shiva and Jassi take it upon themselves to train him, setting the stage for an underdog’s rise against the powerful oppressors.

Clichéd Storytelling and Predictable Twists:

Vikas Bahl’s direction and storytelling in “GANAPATH – A HERO IS BORN” fall prey to clichés, resulting in a narrative that feels overly familiar. The storyline, reminiscent of Bollywood’s earlier venture “CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA (2009),” fails to bring anything new to the table. While the film attempts to weave a compelling tale of heroism against all odds, it succumbs to predictability, robbing the plot of its much-needed tension and surprise.

The futuristic setting, a potential USP of the film, remains largely unexplored. Despite the intriguing premise of a society divided along economic lines, the film fails to delve deeply into the socio-economic disparities or the emotional struggles of the impoverished. The filmmakers miss a golden opportunity to elicit empathy from the audience, a crucial element in any narrative focused on social disparity and rebellion.

Furthermore, the much-anticipated twist in the climax, a pivotal moment in any story, lacks impact. The revelation is foreseeable, leaving little room for the audience to experience genuine shock or revelation. A plot twist, when executed effectively, can elevate the entire narrative, but in this case, it feels forced and uninspired.

Ganapath Movie Review

Visual Effects and Cinematography:

In a futuristic tale like “GANAPATH – A HERO IS BORN,” convincing visual effects are paramount to creating an immersive experience. Unfortunately, the film falls short in this department. The visual effects, meant to depict the futuristic world and high-octane action sequences, come across as tacky and unconvincing. The poor quality of the CGI elements detracts significantly from the film’s overall visual appeal, failing to transport the audience into the envisioned future.

On a brighter note, Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti’s cinematography manages to maintain a level of neatness. The visuals, although marred by lacklustre CGI, are captured with a certain finesse, especially in scenes where the film’s protagonists engage in action sequences. The contrast between the poverty-stricken settlements and the extravagant Silver City is effectively depicted through the lens, of highlighting the stark disparities prevalent in this dystopian world.

Performances and Character Dynamics:

Tiger Shroff, as Guddu/Ganapath, showcases his action prowess and physicality with finesse. His performance is commendable, portraying the journey of a reluctant hero who transforms into a formidable force for change. Kriti Sanon, in the role of Jassi, delivers a sizzling performance. Her portrayal of a strong, independent woman adept at combat adds depth to the character. However, despite the talent of the cast, the lack of a compelling script hampers the potential depth of their characters.

Amitabh Bachchan, although a prominent name in the cast, is disappointingly underutilized. His role, while impactful in theory, lacks the screen time and depth needed to make a significant impression. Ziad Baki, Jameel Khan, Girish Kulkarni, Rahman, Elli AvrRam, Jess Liaudin, and Shruthy Menon deliver performances that, while not exceptional, are adequate given the constraints of the script.

Music and Technical Elements:

The film’s music, composed by multiple artists, is woven into the narrative with varying degrees of success. Tracks like ‘Sara Zamana,’ ‘Jai Ganesha,’ ‘Hum Aaye Hain,’ ‘Lafda Kar De,’ and ‘Time 2 Shine’ manage to leave a modest impact, enhancing certain scenes. However, the soundtrack as a whole lacks the memorable tunes that could elevate the film’s emotional moments. Salim-Sulaiman’s background score, while functional, doesn’t stand out significantly.

The production design, helmed by Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty, lacks innovation, failing to fully realize the futuristic world the story demands. The costumes, designed by Aki Narula, Sukriti Grover, and Akangshe Chopra, offer a stylish touch to the characters, particularly Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon. The action sequences, choreographed by Tim Man and Vikram Dahiya, provide entertainment without venturing into gory territory.

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In conclusion, “GANAPATH – A HERO IS BORN” struggles to rise above its clichéd storyline and predictable twists. While Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon deliver noteworthy performances, the film’s potential is stifled by uninspired direction and lacklustre visual effects. The missed opportunity to explore the socio-economic disparities and evoke genuine empathy weakens the film’s impact significantly. While the concept of a hero rising from the ashes of oppression is timeless, the film’s execution fails to infuse it with the necessary freshness and innovation.

The film’s struggles are further compounded by its underutilized cast, lack of compelling character arcs, and an overall lack of depth in the storytelling. While certain action sequences manage to capture the audience’s attention momentarily, the film fails to sustain this engagement throughout its runtime.

In the grand landscape of Bollywood cinema, “GANAPATH – A HERO IS BORN” finds itself lost in a sea of missed opportunities and unexplored potential. The promise of a dystopian future and an underdog hero battling societal injustice remains largely unfulfilled. Despite its efforts to depict a world of haves and have-nots, the film ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression. For viewers seeking a sci-fi action film with depth and originality, “GANAPATH – A HERO IS BORN” may prove to be a disappointment, unable to deliver on its potential and falling short of creating a truly immersive cinematic experience.”

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