Farrey movie review: With excellent performances throughout, FARREY is a well-made and well-intentioned movie.

Farrey movie Review {3.0/5} & Review Rating

Farrey: A Cinematic Exploration of Academic Deception and Moral Dilemmas

Farrey movie review
In the intricate tapestry of contemporary cinema, Farrey emerges as a compelling narrative that delves into the lives of a group of students navigating the thin line between ambition and ethical compromise. With a review rating of {3.0/5}, the film weaves a story centered around Niyati (Alizeh), an orphan raised by the benevolent warden, played by Ronit Roy, at Ishrat Kada orphanage in the bustling city of Delhi.

Niyati, portrayed as an exceptionally intelligent student, rises to the pinnacle of academic success, earning a spot at the prestigious Winston International School. The altruistic school principal, Vedita Mathew (Shilpa Shukla), recognizing Niyati’s financial struggles, extends support by covering her transportation and other associated costs. Alongside Niyati, Akash (Sahil Mehta), hailing from a similarly impoverished background yet possessing formidable intellect, enters the school.

The narrative takes a turn as Niyati forms connections with her affluent classmates, including Chavi (Prasanna Bisht), Prateek (Zeyn Shaw), Sahil (Arshvir Wahi), and Rishabh (Paras Nagpal). Chavi confides in Niyati about her father’s expectations for her to secure admission to Stanford, despite being academically weak. The plot thickens during the mid-term exams when Niyati reluctantly becomes an accomplice, aiding Chavi by providing answers written discreetly on an eraser.

Farrey movie review: With excellent performances throughout, FARREY is a well-made and well-intentioned movie.
As the stakes escalate, Chavi, desperate to maintain her academic facade, offers a substantial sum to Niyati for assistance in the upcoming exams. Meanwhile, Vedita informs Niyati about a potential scholarship opportunity at Oxford, adding a layer of moral complexity to Niyati’s dilemma. Compelled by loyalty to the warden, akin to a father figure, who is grappling with challenges in running the orphanage, Niyati devises an intricate plan to help Chavi and her friends cheat.

The narrative takes a gripping turn as Niyati’s elaborate scheme unravels, culminating in her eventual exposure. The ensuing events form the crux of the film, testing the characters’ moral compass and the consequences of their choices.

Farrey stands as an official remake of the 2017 Thai film Bad Genius, directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya. Soumendra Padhi and Abhishek Yadav’s screenplay is commended for its freshness and relatability. The tight script propels the narrative forward, creating an anticipation for what unfolds next.

However, the film’s climax is critiqued for its shaky resolution, leaving audiences with mixed feelings. The dialogues, crafted by Soumendra Padhi and Abhishek Yadav, maintain a conversational tone, contributing to the authenticity of the characters.


Director Soumendra Padhi’s approach is described as classy, introducing a departure from conventional filmmaking. Notable scenes, particularly those depicting the tension of academic dishonesty, are executed with style, elevating the film’s overall appeal. The sequences set in Australia add an intriguing layer to the narrative, showcasing the director’s ability to weave multiple dimensions into the storyline.

Despite these strengths, the film faces criticisms, primarily directed at its tonal inconsistency in the concluding moments. The audience’s expectation of a continued thrilling and possibly violent narrative clash with the sweet, unexpected resolution, creating a discord in the overall tone.

The director’s attempt to explain the intricate complexities is acknowledged, but instances of inadequate clarification leave viewers in a state of confusion. Additionally, the voice record scene is labeled as misleading, contributing further to the ambiguity. The film’s title itself becomes a point of contention, criticized for its lack of simplicity and potential to confuse the audience.

The ensemble cast delivers noteworthy performances, with Alizeh making a smashing debut, effortlessly embodying her character’s demands. Prasanna Bisht shines, particularly in the second half, while Sahil Mehta, initially decent, leaves a lasting impact in the latter part of the film. Zeyn Shaw’s performance is deemed decent, and Ronit Roy’s dependable acting adds a layer of credibility to the film.

Juhi Babbar Soni and Shilpa Shukla leave a mark, while supporting actors like Arshvir Wahi, Paras Nagpal, Bhavna Choudhary, and Shivangi Negi, though okay, have limited roles. Arbaaz Khan’s cameo is labeled as fair in its execution.

The musical score by Sachin-Jigar, while not reaching chartbuster heights, adds energy to the film with peppy tracks like ‘Ghar Pe Party Hai’ and ‘Machade Tabahi.’ ‘O Bandeya’ attempts a soulful touch but falls short of leaving a lasting impression. Sidhant Mathur’s background score is lauded for its gripping quality, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

The technical aspects of the film contribute significantly to its visual and aesthetic appeal. Keiko Nakahara’s cinematography is described as unusual, providing captivating visuals that diverge from the conventional. Susheel Mishra’s production design, especially in the opulent scenes set in Chavi’s mansion, adds a layer of richness to the film.

Costume designers Natascha Charak and Nikita Mohanty successfully synchronize costumes with the characters’ backgrounds and class, contributing to the film’s authenticity. Paramjeet Pamma’s minimal and realistic action sequences and Zubin Sheikh’s slick editing complete the technical aspects of Farrey.

Farrey movie review: With excellent performances throughout, FARREY is a well-made and well-intentioned movie.
In conclusion, Farrey emerges as a well-crafted and well-intentioned film, propelled by commendable performances from its debutants and a narrative that explores the moral dilemmas associated with academic deception. Despite its strengths, the film faces challenges at the box office due to its confusing title, limited promotional efforts, and a general lack of awareness.

Its success is predicted to hinge on strong word-of-mouth, as the film navigates the delicate balance between critical acclaim and commercial viability. Farrey stands as a noteworthy addition to the cinematic landscape, provoking thought on the ethical boundaries individuals tread in their pursuit of success.

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