Dono Movie Review: DONO is a family-friendly film that succeeds because it is straightforward.

Dono Movie Review {3.0/5} & Review Rating

DONO: A Journey Through Love, Laughter, and Life’s Complexities

In the bustling realm of romantic comedies, DONO, directed by debutant Avnish S Barjatya, emerges as a delightful tale of two strangers finding love amidst the chaos of life’s uncertainties. Released in 2023, the film explores the intricacies of human relationships against the vibrant backdrop of a destination wedding in Hua Hin, Thailand. While the storyline might not be groundbreaking, the film’s charm lies in its simplicity, relatable characters, and heartfelt moments that resonate with audiences.

Dono Movie Review: DONO is a family-friendly film that succeeds because it is straightforward.
Plot Overview
The story follows Dev Saraf (Rajveer Deol), a young entrepreneur based in Bengaluru, whose life takes an unexpected turn when his best friend, Alina (Kanika Kapur), announces her impending marriage. Struggling with his feelings for Alina and his failing startup, Dev decides to attend her wedding in Thailand in search of closure. In the exotic locale of Hua Hin, Dev crosses paths with Meghna Doshi (Paloma), a spirited woman attending the same wedding. Despite their contrasting personalities, Dev and Meghna find themselves drawn to each other, leading to a whirlwind romance that challenges their beliefs about love and relationships.

Strengths of the Film
Engaging Screenplay and Dialogues: Avnish S Barjatya and Manu Sharma’s screenplay weaves a narrative filled with sweet and simple moments that resonate with viewers. The dialogues, devoid of over-the-top one-liners, are grounded and situational, enhancing the authenticity of the characters’ interactions.

Uncomplicated Direction: Avnish S Barjatya, in his directorial debut, displays a keen understanding of the technical aspects of filmmaking. Embracing a style reminiscent of his father, Sooraj Barjatya, he crafts a family entertainer devoid of intimacy or violence. The film’s situations, including themes of unrequited love, societal hypocrisy, and the challenges of a destination wedding, are relatable and well-executed.

Relatable Characters and Comedic Elements: The film introduces a diverse cast of characters, each dealing with their own struggles and joys. Humorous scenes, such as the cricket match and Dev-Meghna’s encounter at a pani puri stall, add lightheartedness to the narrative, providing moments of laughter for the audience.

Realistic Portrayal of Relationships: DONO explores various facets of relationships, including domination, the quest for closure, and the pain of unrequited love. These themes, coupled with relatable characters, create an emotional connection with the audience, allowing them to empathize with the characters’ journeys.

Charming Performances: While the cast includes newcomers, Rajveer Deol and Paloma deliver commendable performances as Dev and Meghna, respectively. Despite the need for refinement in their acting skills, their on-screen presence and chemistry captivate the audience. Kanika Kapur and Aditya Nanda also contribute solid performances, adding depth to the film’s ensemble cast.

Visually Pleasing Cinematography and Production Design: Chirantan Das’ cinematography captures the scenic beauty of Thailand, immersing the audience in the film’s picturesque locales. The production design by Sujeet Sawant and Sriram Iyengar adds to the film’s aesthetic appeal, creating a visually pleasing experience for viewers.

Glamorous Costumes: Terrence Lobo’s costume design adds a touch of glamour to the characters, enhancing their personalities and complementing the film’s visual aesthetics. The actors’ attire, especially that of the leads, contributes to the film’s overall appeal.

Critiques and Areas for Improvement
Lengthy Duration: One of the notable drawbacks of DONO is its lengthy runtime of 156 minutes. The film’s duration becomes a challenge for viewers, especially in the latter portions, where the pacing slows down. Shortening the film by at least 15 minutes could have resulted in a more engaging experience.

Unconvincing Character Arcs: The relationship between Dev and his parents is portrayed in an unconvincing manner. Dev’s lack of interaction with his parents, despite meeting them after three years, raises questions about the authenticity of their relationship. Such inconsistencies create a disconnect for the audience.

Dono Movie Review: DONO is a family-friendly film that succeeds because it is straightforward.
Factual Errors: The film contains factual errors that might distract attentive viewers. Instances like a character casually mentioning a flight in two hours while being far from the airport create inconsistencies that disrupt the immersion in the story.

Limited Scope for Supporting Characters: Some supporting characters, such as Rohan Khurana’s Nikhil, lack significant development, leaving their potential unexplored. Providing depth to these characters could have enriched the overall narrative.

Weak Editing: Shweta Venkat Mathew’s editing lacks precision, resulting in pacing issues. Tighter editing could have contributed to a more seamless flow of the storyline, preventing moments where the film feels stagnant.

Music with Limited Shelf Life: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music, while enjoyable within the context of the film, lacks tracks with enduring popularity. A more memorable soundtrack could have enhanced the film’s recall value.

Character Analysis and Performances
Rajveer Deol as Dev Saraf: Rajveer Deol’s portrayal of Dev Saraf showcases his potential as an actor. Despite needing refinement in his craft, Deol brings sincerity to his character. His on-screen presence and dedication are evident, laying the foundation for his future growth as a performer.

Paloma as Meghna Doshi: Paloma delivers a charming performance as Meghna, infusing the character with energy and charisma. Her chemistry with Rajveer Deol adds depth to their on-screen relationship, making their love story believable and engaging.

Kanikka Kapur as Alina: Kanikka Kapur’s portrayal of Alina is decent, capturing the essence of a woman on the brink of marriage. While her role is limited, Kapur manages to convey Alina’s emotions effectively, contributing to the film’s emotional dynamics.

Aditya Nanda as Gaurav: Aditya Nanda impresses with his portrayal of Gaurav, adding panache to his character. His nuanced performance as Meghna’s ex-boyfriend adds layers to the narrative, creating moments of tension and humour.

Manik Papneja as Gopal (Gappu): Manik Papneja steals the show with his role as Gopal, eliciting laughter with his comedic timing and expressions. His performance adds a delightful element to the film, making him a memorable character.

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Supporting Cast: The supporting cast, including Poojan Chhabra, Rohan Khurana, Sanjay Nath, Micky Makhija, Mohit Chauhan, Tisca Chopra, and the young actors Varun Buddhadev and Muskan Kalyani, contribute to the film’s ensemble with their respective roles.


In conclusion, DONO stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of simple, heartwarming love stories in the realm of Indian cinema. While the film has its share of flaws, including pacing issues and unconvincing character arcs, its strengths lie in its relatable characters, genuine performances, and moments of humour and emotion. Avnish S Barjatya’s directorial debut, though uncomplicated, captures the essence of human relationships and the complexities of love.

The film’s ability to resonate with viewers through its relatable themes, such as unrequited love and the quest for closure, is a testament to its emotional depth. Despite its shortcomings, DONO succeeds as a clean family entertainer, offering a refreshing break from the high-octane dramas often prevalent in contemporary cinema. The film’s picturesque cinematography, glamorous costumes, and charming performances create a visually appealing experience for the audience.

While DONO might not be a groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece, its simplicity, relatability, and heartfelt moments make it a worthwhile watch, especially for audiences seeking a light-hearted romantic comedy. As the characters navigate the complexities of love, laughter, and life, viewers find themselves immersed in a world that mirrors their own experiences, eliciting smiles, laughter, and perhaps a few tears along the way. As the film unfolds, it leaves behind a sense of warmth, reminding the audience of the enduring power of love in the face of life’s challenges.

In the grand tapestry of Indian cinema, DONO may be a small thread, but it adds a touch of sweetness and sincerity, making it a valuable contribution to the diverse landscape of Bollywood romantic comedies. As audiences embrace the film’s relatable characters and heartfelt moments, DONO finds its place among the films that remind us of the enduring magic of love and the joy of finding it in the most unexpected places.

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