Bollywood Hungama announces “OTT India Fest & Awards 2023,” revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

Bollywood Hungama OTT has announced the India Fest and Awards for 2023.

In a world where streaming services have transformed how we consume entertainment, Bollywood Hungama, the premier entertainment and lifestyle brand, announces the highly anticipated “OTT India Fest” on October 18 and 19, 2023, at Taj Lands End in Mumbai, in collaboration with Cinema Waale Film and Television Productions LLP and Across Media Solutions.

Bollywood Hungama announces "OTT India Fest & Awards 2023," revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

This remarkable event, organized, directed, and authored by Cinema Waale and produced by Across Media Solutions, will immerse viewers in a variety of facets of India’s burgeoning OTT entertainment landscape and take them on an exhilarating voyage through its enthralling universe. Additionally, a unique segment will be hosted to recognize the gifted performers from the vibrant OTT entertainment sector. The performers whose outstanding performances and captivating narratives have captured audiences will be highlighted during the awards ceremony.

By allowing fans the option to discover a wide variety of diverse, innovative, and high-quality programming at their convenience, the OTT entertainment sector has grown into a potent force. Bollywood Hungama, embracing this new era of entertainment, strives to bring together experts in the industry, actors, directors, and aficionados from all over India to talk about the newest trends, obstacles, and innovations in this constantly changing scene. The two-day conference will be a mash-up of thoughts, inspiration, and insights with a variety of events like panel discussions, fireside chats, master classes, and workshops, followed by an awards ceremony.

“The OTT India Fest & Awards is a celebration of the incredible impact OTT platforms have had on the entertainment landscape,” stated Siddhartha Roy, CEO of Hungama Digital Media. We are excited to gather the most insightful thinkers and powerful voices in the business to examine and discuss the direction of content consumption. This OTT India Fest will serve as a discussion starter about the ground-breaking work being done in the OTT area in addition to providing a venue for learning.

Bollywood Hungama announces "OTT India Fest & Awards 2023," revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

The founder and director of Bollywood Hungama, Suleman Mobhani, continued, “We are tremendously delighted to launch the OTT India Fest & Awards, an incredible concept that celebrates the unrestricted creativity and ground-breaking influence of the OTT space. As we bring together industry leaders, smart minds, and extraordinary talent to explore the virtually endless possibilities of content consumption, this event underscores our dedication to keep pushing the envelope. We eagerly anticipate this exhilarating voyage that will spark creativity and act as a catalyst for reshaping this medium’s future.

According to Prashant Singh, a partner at Cinema Waale Film and TV Productions LLP, “It will be very interesting and exciting to delve into various facets of what’s driving and what’s shaping up this new ecosystem at a time when there is a clear paradigm shift in the way Indian audiences are consuming new content thanks to the advent of OTT world. And what could be better than organizing a never-before-seen event where creative minds and diverse stakeholders (in the context of the OTT world) can get together, engage in some fascinating conversations, and share their ideas on various topics? Therefore, it is obvious that the OTT India Fest will be a fun and inspiring event.

Bollywood Hungama announces "OTT India Fest & Awards 2023," revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

Today, media companies frequently turn to Across Media to assist with sponsor onboarding. The relationship between Bollywood Hungama and ourselves has grown stronger with each passing day, and the OTT India Fest is our second event together (the BH Style Icons Awards was the first). The Media Agencies and brands will witness some uncommon concepts & revolutionary synergies at the OTT India Fest, just like at the BH Style Icons Awards, ranging from content production with our Celeb guests to Customer Engagement. According to Chetan Pratap, co-founder and director of Across Media Solutions, “Across Media is beyond happy to host an event of this enviable calibre and to head its sponsorship program.

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