Alia Bhatt dressed in a red saree with mirrorwork, brings her own glitz to the Ambani family’s Ganpati celebrations.

To the Ambani family’s Ganpati celebrations, Alia Bhatt dressed in a red saree brings her own shine.

The opulent Ganesh Chaturthi festivities hosted by the Ambani family have once again captured the town’s attention. This grand event drew politicians, business magnates, and Bollywood stars to their sprawling Antilia residence in Mumbai, reaffirming the Ambanis’ reputation for hosting extravagant celebrations. Among the luminaries who graced this lavish Ganesh Chaturthi celebration was the talented actress Alia Bhatt, who joined in the night of devotion and revelry.

Alia Bhatt dressed in a red saree with mirrorwork, brings her own glitz to the Ambani family's Ganpati celebrations.
Alia Bhatt, known for her style and elegance, has consistently been a trendsetter in the world of Bollywood fashion. Her recent appearance at this grand celebration, clad in a resplendent red saree, left everyone spellbound and served as a testament to her impeccable fashion sensibilities.

Alia Bhatt’s journey in the world of Indian cinema began with her debut in “Student Of The Year” in 2012. Since then, this stunning diva has captivated the hearts of millions with her remarkable performances, beauty tutorials, and jaw-dropping outfit choices showcased on social media. Her impeccable sense of ethnic fashion deserves special recognition, and her most recent appearance in a scarlet saree radiated sheer refinement.

Alia draped herself in a vivid red saree adorned with intricate mirror embroidery, tassels, and an abundance of mirror work that added a touch of grandeur to her ensemble. Complementing this was a blouse with elaborate mirror work, designed without sleeves, perfectly accentuating her grace and style. The saree she adorned hails from the renowned designer Arpita Mehta, whose creations are celebrated for their fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

Alia opted for a subtle approach when it came to accessories, adorning her striking red saree with a pair of delicate diamond studs. She allowed her flawless skin to take centre stage, while her wavy, beachy hair cascaded elegantly. For her makeup, Alia selected a crimson lip stain, a hint of golden eyeshadow to highlight her expressive eyes, and a touch of bronzer to enhance her natural radiance, completing her festive look with finesse.

Alia Bhatt dressed in a red saree with mirrorwork, brings her own glitz to the Ambani family's Ganpati celebrations.
ACTRESS: Alia Bhatt

OUTFIT: Arpita Mehta
STYLIST: Ami Patel

MAKE-UP: Puneet B Saini

HAIR: Ayesha Devitre

Alia Bhatt, over the years, has become synonymous with both grace and glamour. Her ability to seamlessly blend traditional Indian attire with modern aesthetics has made her a style icon for many. At the Ambani family’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, she once again exemplified her mastery of fashion by choosing a saree that not only paid homage to Indian traditions but also exuded contemporary chic.

The scarlet saree she wore, adorned with mirrors and tassels, was a masterpiece that showcased the craftsmanship of designer Arpita Mehta. Each mirror seemed to capture the twinkle in her eye, and the tassels swayed with her every graceful movement. What made this ensemble even more exceptional was Alia’s choice of a sleeveless blouse with intricate mirror work. It added an element of sophistication to her look, allowing her to effortlessly stand out amidst the crowd of celebrities.

Alia’s approach to accessories was in perfect harmony with the understated elegance of her saree. A pair of delicate diamond studs framed her face, drawing attention to her radiant skin and the crimson lip stain that accentuated her smile. Her choice of makeup was both classic and contemporary, with a hint of golden eyeshadow and bronzer that enhanced her natural beauty. Her hair, styled in loose waves, added a touch of effortless charm to her overall appearance.

Alia Bhatt dressed in a red saree with mirrorwork, brings her own glitz to the Ambani family's Ganpati celebrations.
In the world of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt’s fashion choices have become highly anticipated moments, and her appearance at the Ambani family’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebration was no exception. She effortlessly combined tradition and modernity, showcasing her love for Indian culture while embracing contemporary trends. Her presence at the event not only added glamour but also exemplified her devotion to style and elegance.

As we reflect on Alia Bhatt’s stunning appearance at this grand celebration, it’s evident that she continues to be a trailblazer in the world of fashion. Her ability to command attention with her choice of attire and accessories, while maintaining an aura of grace, makes her a true style icon. Alia Bhatt‘s fashion journey is one that inspires and sets new standards, and her presence at the Ambani family’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebration was yet another chapter in her fashionable saga.

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